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Post by Aven 10.02.13 0:55

The endless cycle of man-incarnated divinity is a topic I often ponder. In my studies I've found that many religions refer to man as the children of God. Further I find that you can not become something unless you currently are that which you seek to become. I don't believe that invocation is possible unless you are already of divinity. Now I've seen this to be a controversial issue for various reasons. However,I truly believe we are the gods and goddesses experiencing mortality to further our immortality. In the Kemetic laws it is stated that God needs us to further his/her existence. So essentially we are the temporary mortality of divinity existing to improve self.

Now this bring me to another topic, the children of particular Gods/goddesses. Are we, who live the lives of God, selecting what aspect we manifest physically? Since Kemetic believe all gods to have one source, aset is but one aspect of great source. This source connects all divinity to mortality and vice versa. Now I can understand that aset would prefer to be more dominant in particular beings, but I do not see how she would decide against someone of such respect and aspiration for her. Would she truly neglect certain individuals of her divinity? Would she deny universal free will?


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Divinity of Self Empty Re: Divinity of Self

Post by sikvdili 07.10.13 20:25

I am currently running a series of blogs and podcasts called Ors Ascha

Ors Ascha is enochian for Dark God. It is an exploration of darkness, the sith way and the divinity of the individual. I wrote a post in response to kissed by a shiva's grimoire regarding deities and divinity. If I find it, I'll bring it here.


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