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Greeting and a request Empty Greeting and a request

Post by Orc2king 17.04.13 19:31

Hello I am by NO means new to being a vampire, I feel it is important to let people know that given who I am and what I am going to ask.
My name is Chris and I have Very powerful Metaphysical and Physical Abilities.
As well my whole life I have had visions and learned Things that could be the history of vampires. Now before you get angry just let me say that I've learned to live with them and though they work for me in life they probably wouldn't for you. As for my request I will hold NO anger against you if you chose to deny it as I have as previously stated learned to live with these visions. My request is because of recent information that has come to my attention because of a book called the "Acatien bible"I wish to see how these visions match up to things spoken of in that book with someone who is willing to listen to me and familiar with the book in question.
Thank you for reading, Sincerely


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