Consulting, Research and Investigation projects.

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Consulting, Research and Investigation projects. Empty Consulting, Research and Investigation projects.

Post by Sybil Mason 21.08.13 22:37

Dear users,

For the past few years we have received several contacts from the part of the press and media, as well as individuals ranging from producers to scholars and law enforcement agents, inquiring about possibilities of collaboration in different projects, investigations and research relating to the reality and history of the vampire among other occult related subjects.

This information will remain posted here as a reference to anyone approaching Vampirism Forum and its community when seeking collaboration or consulting, as a guideline and safety measure meant to enforce the interests and privacy both of our users and of the honest researchers seeking truthful information. The goal is to achieve transparence and honesty in any public or private investigation or research, as well as to distinguish the professionals and scholars from the many fake projects, pretenders and other individuals with a less noble agenda, who also consecutively infest the community with different attempts at gaining inside information, initiatory knowledge, privileged data and otherwise secretive material that is kept private within the community and its many channels that spread out of this particular website.

This community is different from every other group, forum or network on vampirism currently available on the internet. That conclusion is easily attainable after some level of research and background investigation. Not only because it is visited and contributed by actual experts who have earned their respect, trust and validation in years, sometimes decades, of experienced work within different occult communities, as it is one of the very few who actively enforces the seriousness of vampire research and does not tolerate the typical pretending and role-play that is welcomed elsewhere. This is a mature occult community with extensive connections in the magickal underground, covens and orders, formed by diverse individuals who follow different paths, share contrasting ideas and excel in different metaphysical areas. Its potential for consulting in a variety of professional venues, from the media to crime investigation, has become undeniable. But such knowledge should not be approached lightly and it deserves the utmost respect from any outsider, as it was gathered by many users through years of research at their own expense and personal investment.

We understand the importance and difficulty of reaching valuable occult information that can be included in scholarly projects and scientific investigations, particularly when it comes to vampires and vampirism. As opposed to the modern reality of role-play and other communities that embrace the darker sides of vampirism based on blood fetiches, gothic fashion and lifestyle, we can provide documented data and knowledge on the real vampire traditions followed in secret all over the world, distanced from the light of society, as well as the culture and practices followed by vampires who take their vampirism seriously and secretly, having nothing to do with the reality of fiction commonly followed elsewhere, but an occult and metaphysical approach enforced within covens and larger orders in a powerful hidden society that has greater influence on our world than many unaware of its existence would suspect. That knowledge however is only accessible to those who understand that there are no easy answers but most importantly no quick ways in understanding it or gaining access to such information.

Respect and be respected.
Be prepared to accept that trust is earned and not granted.

If you still wish to proceed, in order to be taken serious and to achieve the assistance you seek, please open a thread in the Off Topic section with an appropriate title and within it describe your project, its goals and what you seek to achieve from the assistance of our users, or someone in specific. Provide credentials and validated information, not vague claims or references. If some of that information cannot be provided publicly, please contact one of the administrators with your reasons and provide them with that information which they shall keep private and secure, while being able to validate your project with any of the intended members. Contacting the administration in private by those not seeking an open reference in the forum is possible, as it has happened many times before, but do so providing the appropriate and verifiable data, otherwise it may be promptly ignored.

Thank you for your time.


Keywords: Vampire Vampirism Investigation Research Information Press Media Crime Scene Law Enforcement Scholar Project Medical Medicine Philosophy Psychology Anthropology Occult Tradition Metaphysics Magick Ritual Satanic Asetian Luciferian Mysteries Blood Feeding Energy Draining Psychic Attack Possession Spirit Soul

(Keywords included for easier visibility of the announcement within forum searches applied by researchers on this website.)

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