pyramids broadcast a particular radio frequency

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pyramids broadcast a particular radio frequency Empty pyramids broadcast a particular radio frequency

Post by Maxx 16.03.14 21:46

In a short meditation I saw that the pyramids broadcast a particular energy frequency inside of it and they were designed specifically to produce that certain frequency. It also produced an elevated RF gain that was used as a communication aid.  There are probably many other uses that was designed into it.  As I looked at it in my minds eye I became aware that the energy of a focused or controlled thought would be magnified greatly more so within that structure than if the person was outside of this structure.  One that has been trained how to focus an intent would find greater results in this location and the result would be magnified in the astral or etheric dimension because of this higher energy frequency.  

Taking this a little farther, I ask have any of you had the opportunity to spend any time within the confines of this structure?  Have you attempted to feel the subtle energy working that is in constant flow there even after all these centuries? That rf modulation still exits at a very high rate today even though the structure is not being used in it's original design.    Please tell me of your experience if you have visited.

I am reminded of the announcement that the Aset Ka was holding a meeting there on a particular day a couple of years ago.  I now understand the advantage of all these enlightened beings all in one place with all of this gigantic wave of elevated energy.  I can feel it just thinking about it.  I believe Jonathan mentioned that the meeting was able to take place without anyone else there except for invited guests.

I have never been to the pyramids of Egypt but I have been to the pyramids of the sun and the moon in Mexico City several times when living in Mexico.  I found the energy there was very elevated even with all the tourists.  I was able each time to find space off to myself and could tell a remarkable difference from the ordinary current of earth.  I would expect a more intense flow in the Egypt location.

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