Greetings fellow occultists and vampires!

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Greetings fellow occultists and vampires! Empty Greetings fellow occultists and vampires!

Post by vampis 05.10.16 14:34

Greetings fellow occultists and vampires,

I am new to this forum.
Every day I see people, who are not interested in understanding how this life works, people that deny the obvious facts, people who behave like robots in their everyday routine and even dont want to snap out of it. I've become so tired of this society with it's polarised mindset, people who dont want to evolve and are even ready to fight for their ridiculous beLIEves...
I was searching for a place with people who explore (by both studying and practicing) the hidden knowledge (occult) and get fascinated by it, with people who are not bound by stereotypes, who are not afraid to look beyond this life and are yearning to new paradigms and spiritual development. I have found this place. And it seems to be, just what I was looking for.
But it doesnt mean that I will be hanging out here 24 hours per day. I have quiet a busy life... But I will surely return to this place time to time.

Few words about me. I have started to study occult and magick not a long time ago. But for a lot of years I was exploring this life from within. I have practised meditation and I have started to understand alot about this life. It was quiet funny, when I have started to find this very same knowledge, that I have discovered for myself, within the occult and magickal teachings. Spiritual development and attaining the occult (hidden) knowledge is what I am longing for.

I am also quiet interested to learn more about the true nature of vampirism. I found out about the book "Asetian Bible" on this forum, and as I see, there are a lot of discussions on that topic. I havent read it, but I cant wait to do so. The only books that I have found about vampirism are: Akhkharu, Sekhem Apep, The Psychic Vampire Codex and The Vampire Gate. They seemed to be quite interesting, but it seems, that Asetian Bible (from reading it's table of contents and reading different posts on this forum) has a lot more truth and knowledge in it. It is strange, that I have never encountered it before.

Anyways, I am happy to be here and I hope we will get along just fine Wink

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Greetings fellow occultists and vampires! Empty Re: Greetings fellow occultists and vampires!

Post by Nightshade 05.10.16 18:48


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