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Post by UberSite 08.11.16 0:33

Have been avoiding 'regular' food fairly well, mostly without fatigue nor sickness. One thing I noticed; when in someone's home I was familiar with before, requirements for regular food ('old hunger') increased almost immediately and dramatically. After again avoiding 'old hunger' for some time, I tried texting from outside that State. 'Old hunger' again returned, though less quickly.

I also noticed interaction with others may trigger bouts of false 'old hunger' (seems for up to thirty seconds, though not often that long), though quickly fades.

Wondering if this may be belief set. For example, are there others communicating with 'previous life' associates not experiencing 'old hunger'?

On another note, when attempting leave, an immigration officer seemingly attempted a less formal oath. I resisted and was handed back my Passport.


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