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The forum these days Empty The forum these days

Post by Naverya 08.08.17 15:57

Maxx's last topic on here sparked some thoughts within my mind... I was actually thinking about something similar since before he posted, about the people visiting and posting these days.
I remember that back when I joined in the beginning of 2010, the feel was way different... I was entirely clueless about anything, downright new to occultism, since Asetianism was my intro to it. But I was very curious... eager to learn, to find out *more*... about anything, really. I found in here a place where I felt safe, welcome, where I felt there were knowledgeable, like-minded people around. Obviously, the same people are still here (posting or at least checking, I'm sure), but it feels like the 'spotlight' has mostly been taken by... how to say it in a bit of an elegant manner... people who would probably find much more use being in other kinds of forums with other people.
Now, I know that the people finding this forum that have some degree of awareness and knowledge will know how to weed out and select what is found here... but at the same time the same people might lose their patience seeing this going on and on, the non-serious people that keep posting... And the people that come here without any knowledge, but an open an honest heart, might quickly leave because they are (not of their own fault), unable to see past those kind of users, not finding any value in their words.
Myself... I would really like to see the forum as it was years ago. I've been one of those people who used to be (kind of) active, and I regret not taking more of an active stance regarding the state of the forum, while I *saw it becoming like this more and more every day*.

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The forum these days Empty Re: The forum these days

Post by Heruset 08.08.17 16:36

Sticking in the past is against evolution.

Let it burn and be reborn from the flames


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