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Balance - chaos Empty Balance - chaos

Post by Lynskha 07.01.18 8:08

Balance is the key we are looking for. An element that would be the main objective. When we look for our development, and our objective, we see that achieving the balance state would be what we need.
I was wondering about someting.

To achieve balance many times we have to go throuhg chaotic moments. It is like when we are cleaning a house and we have to take everything out , we look around and it is a huge mess, then we start organizing and cleaning it.

There is no order without the chaos first. Adjustments through the necessary disadjustments.

But I thought, then you organize the house. Then you reach a state of balance, is that the final point then?

If this balance, seems like a stagnation, wouldn`t it be "bad instead of good?

My point is, it is said we are always in change, and through movement, action, chaos. Elements of transformation. So I think that believing we have reached the final state of balance would be wrong.

It is a paradox, and something that put me to think.

We seek for the state of balance, we reach a state of balance. But then things are still... and we feel numb. So the change is necessary again right? Like when things are disassembled and need to be rebuilt.

So would there be a complete final state of balance? or the real balance is exactly this one between chaos and order , like when yin reaches its peak, then comes yang and when yang reaches its peak comes yin? In an eternal dance of chaos that would mean balance?

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Balance - chaos Empty Re: Balance - chaos

Post by Charby 07.01.18 17:09

I would hope that it is the eternal dance that is so beautiful. While it tests and tries us endlessly, without the opportunities for learning and growth it provides, we would stagnate and, existence would soon become unbearably dull. What is life if there is nothing to learn, no problem to solve, to struggle or crisis to endure, no change, no chaos, no need to seek balance because you have it permanently?

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