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Conquering Chaos. Empty Conquering Chaos.

Post by Tehom 26.06.23 18:47

From studies, the innate confusion of this lineage is simplified often as a psychological mechanism giving rise to various ordeals. The truth is within the details -- the very energy that powers these unique creatures is singular to their being and so this confusion is in actuality existing as the manifestation of much more complex subtle complications, mixtures, processing, and endurance.

The philosophy to each of these beings is an immensely important thing, as is their personal outlook on the world formed by energetic Experience and reality itself found as eccentricity but likely experienced as something deeply intimate to their core selves beyond the initial superficial layer many will assume of "eccentrics". For this reason among many discernible though best kept private they should never be uselessly discarded or viewed through the lens of unimportance but considered with a fierce mindset of study determined towards growth and evolution. Scarabs are innately wise creatures knowing and comprehending this literally within themselves which speaks to their intricately loyal and generous nature. Their many interpersonal explorations are never quite as binary as delusion and reality as they walk the thin line between the two like the rapid interpretation of a puzzle, cycling energy not only in the most available sense ...

For these reasons the unique background of each Scarab is again likely an impressively important factor in their advancement, moreso how they've individually come to adapt to change and understand themselves. Also a healthy talking point between these creatures.

But this is vital to be overseen by knowledgeable Teachers if chosen as the route of progress for their gentle hearts, as constant confusion and torment can infect their lives and expressions leading to repetitiously perceived sometimes dualistic misunderstandings both internal and external. With their thinking in an unusual sense these can be blindly underestimated, never leading to fulfilling conclusions and leaving them hungry for a fulfilling relationship despite its outward appearances, creating an ever-deepening preoccupation with being understood, valued, and "truly seen." This level of alienation generates profound isolation, obsession and loneliness (mal)adapted to in ways various to their personal ethics and inherent responsibilities probably leading to those psychological issues that are so challenging to treat.

This is best overcome through comprehension of their very own framework and the evolution of their Wisdom. In self-growth they can learn to manage themselves and the areas of their own individuality loved as total and complete, something longed for in necessary compliments to their romantic ideals. Real empathy is best defined by these creatures as originating from honest insight into their energy, so it is taken seriously in the realm of interpersonal relationships benefitting discrete understandings unique to their Immortal Family. Fierce love is a true gateway ...

All in all Home is indeed where the Heart is for these creatures finding deeply relatable the challenges of their Brothers and Sisters for the core nature behind those very struggles. The Study of the Tree is vital to the sense of unity and maturity required for a balanced approach to befriending these beings, however most should never take their chaotic selves for a state vulnerable to common-enough creatures and their deceitful ways as their innate manipulation is very much alive and adept, potentially leading to severe grudges only to be repaid in full much later from their learned patience ... for this reason rectifying misunderstandings is often in the best interest of both parties as these creatures mostly do not intend to actually cause harm to their friends though for reasons obvious will respond with dangerously aggression if they feel betrayed or even desecrated.

Awareness of their energy and controlled praxis within this realm is vital to balance and should never be neglected nor should their unconscious processes ever be misinterpreted as reason to ignore the development of their subtle abilities. Balance is a carefully guided process requiring familiarization with multiple elements and the actual lived experience of their selves in authenticity. Practicality is important to these creatures. Earned wisdom of one's energetic "highlights" can provide stable reference for those wayward in confusion having clouded direct communion with their sacred flame. Ultimately it is essential to remember that our choices are our own ...

I am just a Student and these are my observations from time spent learning.


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Conquering Chaos. Empty Re: Conquering Chaos.

Post by ecstaticbeauty 27.06.23 19:47

I find this interesting, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Marques in the VT mentions that Scarabs can be energetically of either gender polarity. Before reading and contemplating this I had somewhat subconsciously assumed that they tend to be feminine by nature, due to some of the descriptions. Do you have insight into how a masculine Scarab might manifest, and how they might wield and relate to chaos differently from a feminine one?

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