The Violet Throne -- Legacy of the Aset Ka

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The Violet Throne -- Legacy of the Aset Ka Empty The Violet Throne -- Legacy of the Aset Ka

Post by Maxx 31.07.19 17:31

Question: The Violet Throne.....

The discussions here have stated that readers find a certain energy imparted from within the pages to them as they hold it and read through it.  Does it flow into your consciousness only or does it affect your physical body as well?  Or maybe it does not affect you in either way???

If you find something within the pages, how do you think this was made interactive and customized to only you, or does it affect everyone with the same degree of energy?  Do you think it is different for each person to fit their life experience?

Also, have you any idea of how the book can be encoded and customized to fit your own experience?

Do you see what I am getting at here?  Does anyone just stop and wonder about this one question with all the meaning behind it?  There is a very simple answer no one is talking about.

How is it that when you read it, it is unlike anyone else's experience of reading the same book......Do you really see what I am getting at???

What is being revealed here is that The God's are really dealing with humankind on a personal, one on one, level even today!!!!

It is an encoded text just for you.

Ancient Egypt magic is alive and well even today.

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The Violet Throne -- Legacy of the Aset Ka Empty Re: The Violet Throne -- Legacy of the Aset Ka

Post by Sinata 14.08.19 23:56

I Agree

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