Asetianism, The violet throne and psychedelics have changed my entire life

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Asetianism, The violet throne and psychedelics have changed my entire life  Empty Asetianism, The violet throne and psychedelics have changed my entire life

Post by Immitis 10.09.21 7:13

I keep coming back to the book again and again, finding new meaning each time like layers upon layers even with simple words. I've also taken a lot of psychedelics, and I'm talking really huge heroic doses of lsd, mushrooms 10 tabs, 10g+ ,ayahuasca type trips.

the more my world breaks and shatters the more I can see it for what it is, the more I dig, the deeper down the rabbit hole I go the less it feels like seeing and the more if feels like remembering, recreating, eyes sealed shut forced open like using a crowbar to pry open a locked door. I enjoy pushing against the walls of this place, of myself \, seeing how they bend and break under exertion

once made to see the eye can never be sealed again, once blindness is conquered there is but to see, never to be made blind again
once the keys to your sarcophagus have been acquired no crocodile could ever shove you back in especially once you realize you were all the key you needed all along. you can see the glitter from the gold.

I have seen and felt so much and yet there is always evermore to find, one must be brave enough to ask questions but even braver to surrender to the simplicity of the answers.
to see the loops as they cascade unto themselves, to be made to forget only to remember

what a glorious thing it is to see, how grateful we must be for every glimpse.
power in faith, much more power in knowing.
So much love
What greater beacon in the dark but She?
what greater music to be heard when broken on the altar of silence but Her song?
what greater words to be spoken but Hers, She who knows the Name of the Sun and wields it with perfection

what other choice is there but to fly on violet wings, but to burn in the pitch brighter than bright. there is naught but surrender to such a flame.

I am eternally grateful for all I have learned and will learn
whenever I feel lost I try to remember that we are all at the center
Never stop climbing that tree no matter how many times or how long we may hang from it
May your Ka be with your Ba friends


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