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A pleasure to meet all of you Empty A pleasure to meet all of you

Post by Suiren 19.02.22 17:09


since some time I have been interested in Vampirism in general. In my search for the Watchers Group, I found this forum and registered.
I know they are essentially a secret international society with a hierarchical structure and membership is very selective and basically there are two types of individuals which are sought, but I am not trying to find this out because of pure curiosity.
I am interested in researching the Vampiric tradition, so I am looking for a group and The Order sound like the right thing for me. And yes, I know that they also deal with investigations of all types of psychic and supernatural phenomenon.
I think they have been operating for a few centuries, now with a field network of agents in Europe and some in the US.
PERHAPS there is even a member of the Watchers somewhere on this board or someone knows how to establish direct contact with the Watchers' Council write me a PM, please.
I would be very grateful, because I tried to find out more about them and I really looked everywhere else for this group, but without much success. 

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A pleasure to meet all of you Empty Re: A pleasure to meet all of you

Post by Jonathan 19.02.22 19:02

Welcome to the community. I would suggest at first to read the many threads of information available in this forum and, if possible, to buy some decent books to help your research.
You won't find contact with the VWG so easily.

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