Aset taught compassion

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Aset  taught compassion Empty Aset taught compassion

Post by Waterlily 16.11.22 18:48

The story of Aset and the seven scorpions running from Set shows her compassion.  When a rich woman turns her away and her scorpions go back and poison her little boy.  Aset is the only one that will help her and saves the boy.  
Just because she had compassion did not diminish her strength.  It only made her stronger.  
  What makes one stronger from others is having a balanced heart, which she showed with compassion.  Hate does not allow one to grow to their true power.  It only stunts and halts your growth.  Aset is both sides of the coin dark and light with a balance.
 So delve into her more before judging everyone else when they are awakening and trying to learn.  One does not always know when Asetians are interwoven into their current life.  One must always learn to crawl before walking.

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