The Power of History

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The Power of History Empty The Power of History

Post by Tehom 26.06.23 16:43

For each true practitioner walking this sacred path a firm history ignited by the Violet flame is its very own sacred reward, branding metaphysical sigils of unmatched remembrance that themselves offer a roadmap for our inner compass.

I've found even returning here to empower that remembrance as it is a powerful bastion of knowledge and gnosis from rare minds and yet rarer souls. Complimenting each path, when followed with inner passion uniting us in Love this unlocks the true efficacy of a Magickal journal. Patience in our words exists as a key that is simultaneously offered and unlocking secret doors of perception ...

In this way past-life work is best approached by the apparently profound communion of true Family, together in arms from having overcome each of their many individual trials but all the more importantly wielding time behind their magickal eyes, drinking from that eternally rejuvenating fountain of the soul.

Onwards from there does Past Life Work likely incur a death and rebirth so integral and uncompromising that it may only be truly known as facing the Breath of the Dragon ...

For after this we can be free of our many mundane suppositions having earned the right to Know Loyalty, Family and Honour within our lifetimes. It is a crowning achievement indicative of a major step in our Great Work.

But of course this is to take a magnifying glass to a multi-faceted process within the complex natural web of natural initiation. So we should understand that all things occur in their time so long as we choose direction of the wheel.

Motion is necessary as therefore energy is necessary so praxis is essential to history.

This is why it does not serve to merely read but does serve to whole-heartedly experience in true Surrender. If we Forget, then we have forgotten ...

Our paths are unique and waywardness is inevitable but we are many born with this inherent knowing within ourselves; it is just a matter of returning.

Growth is a spiralling process even further exemplified via the study of nature ...

Awareness is the key to true comprehension which is the defining metric of actual intelligence. But the greater one's history, of course the more history is found within our words.

So respect for our Elders triumphs ... because Family manifests. Initiation.

Eternity is the enduring gift of each loyal Asetianist soul.

The Initiatory Temples ...

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