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Summoning the Demonic Empty Summoning the Demonic

Post by AlifBalaamYashin 09.09.23 8:09

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What are your thoughts on summoning spiritual creatures?
Are you involved in this practice?
What is your process?

Here is my discourse regarding this practice

The Karçist is both Summoner and Summoned


In the Occult community and in particularly in Neurotheology we refer to these types of the phenomenon as 'Spiritual Creatures'. They comprise of similar entities found in all cultures and time periods, under different masks. They are egregores, they can become overwhelmingly popular and because of that, become extremely powerful in the global psyche of mankind. When they become extreme thoughtforms they are referred to as archetypal structures as coined by CG Jung. These types of archetypes (there are others) make up the world in which we know as gods, devils, demons, and angels.

The entirety of this Majiqal process is by way of mythology, and symbology in which the Idea/First Form of the spiritual creature begins to take form within your unconscious mind. Through properly disinhibiting specific parts of your brain, a sense of Agency is created, visuals and audials are experienced, a connection with this spiritual creature is established.

None of these spiritual creatures are, however, corporeal entities. In other words, they do not objectively exist, they are Ideals contained in our unconscious minds and brought forward into conscious awareness through various forms of ritual performance. When someone experiences a spiritual creature they have successfully uninhibited a portion (the temporal lobes) of the brain to create what we call a 'sense of agency'.

There is a monumental amount of preparation and grueling work that is needed to properly instill the specifics of the spirit being conjured into one's psyche. Then an even longer and arduous repetitive process of ritually disinhibiting the temporal lobe (particularly the left temporoparietal junction), and finally creating the appropriate platform for which to experience this spirit. This process varies from several long focused hours to days and even weeks or months in order to shut off the objective and engage the subjective.

Unfortunately, even after days of ritual work, there is a slim chance of communication. However, not even the most gifted and/or evolved Magi can chirp a few neat Latin or Sumerian words and summon forth anything more than wishful thinking.

All the grimoires and invocations/evocations are designed to suppress the conscious mind and to stimulate the unconscious mind, allowing buried imagery and archetypal associations to step forward. The more you know about the entity and its symbolism the better chance you have of communicating with it. In essence, you are speaking to your inner Self when you communicate with any entity, they do not exist apart from yourself (my belief).

None of these entities can do anything for or to you that you cannot do yourself, in fact, the entire process of ritually summoning and communicating with an angel or demon is a form of Majiq, in that through communication you are seeking to create a change within your Self in order to create a change in your outer Self, eventually influencing your environment and producing the desired results.

Spiritual Agency (experiencing a spiritual creature) takes place after portions of the brain are disinhibited. Prolonged activity, such as a ritual operation/trance induction, engages specific portions of the brain, and eventually, these portions become disinhibited thus resulting in the spiritual agency. After many years of research and practice, I have come to the conclusion that one of two things is taking place.

1). Because of disinhibiting these portions of your brain, a sense of spiritual agency is achieved, thus it is an internal hallucination, though not necessarily an unuseful one.
> In this paradigm the brain is 'producing' the sense of spiritual agency which is our ability to connect with ancient archetypal structures. These spiritual creatures are then 'Ideas' and Platonic Forst Forms and are experienced with conscious awareness.

2). Through these disinhibited portions of your brain, these spiritual creatures make themselves known to us.
> In this paradigm the brain acts as a conduit for externally existing spiritual creatures to enter into our immediate objective reality.

I gravitate towards the first-case scenario. Though, like many, I would like to believe in the second case scenario as it is far more romantic.

The brain interacts within itself between the cortex, hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala, and the limbic system. Parietal Lobe disinhibition can result in altered senses of the body in space, and dissolution of the sense of self. The Temporal lobes are involved in visual processing that creates vivid 3D representations (allows us to design the spiritual creatures we are seeking). Agency allows for the perception that such a spiritual creature is actually acting on its own accord despite no clear sensory or perceptual evidence.

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