On the Nature of Mastered Insight

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On the Nature of Mastered Insight  Empty On the Nature of Mastered Insight

Post by MysticLightShinethForth 17.03.24 8:48

The almost incomprehensibly complex, confounding situations of life and its intrinsic mysteries of illumination by discovery and inconceivable depths of potentiality, all so complicated to our minds, were revealed in simplicity by those who possessed great insight under their spiritual mastery and inwardly ascended and expanded consciousness of Self-realization (one of - if not the - greater mystery of all, to the universal enigma of the play of the whole of creation). So the great yogis and rishis of yore, or even the Asetians as pioneers of the subtle - significantly not to underestimate in their silent influence and hidden legacy of esoteric knowledge and occult wisdom as the lifeblood of one among their greater passions - discovered what only seers could see, but presented in such a framework, that the complicated is now followed by simple steps, potentially outlined in brevity but yet requiring the profundity of practice. To study their teachings, the fruits of their efforts and labor, is a rare blessing the world takes for granted, as roadmaps for the soul and torchlights of knowledge along the way. We'd be succumbed in the utter darkness (or, much rather, false light) of ignorance and materialism, as concerns spirituality, if it weren't for them.

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