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The Divine Utterance Empty The Divine Utterance

Post by Ankhhape 30.07.09 17:27

This is one of several aspects of the Egyptian soul:
* Ren - The true name, a vital part to man on his journey through life and the afterlife, a magical part that could destroy a man if his name was obliterated or could give power of the man if someone knew his Ren - naming ceremonies in Egypt were secret, and a child lived his whole life with a nickname to avoid anyone from learning his true name!

From Hermes Trismegistus (Thoth):
Egyptian Chants to the Gods

Amon created everything that is by the combining of visualization with Utterances.
Before there existed any forms of living beings there existed Nu (Nun), a vast mass of Celestial Waters.
In this existed the germs of all living things that were later to take form
The Gods that were created by Amon were able to create by engaging in a stepping down of the frequency of the One Vibration
Into these Waters were poured the vibrations of the Word, thus sending forth radiating currents, as when a stone is cast into a pond
The key to creation in matter is the stress resulting from 'Oppossing' waves of vibration
Amon-Ra gave the secret of certain Words of Power (Heka) to the Earthly Priesthood

Everything in the Universe, having been created by a certain vibratory pattern or combination of patterns, could also be mastered or influenced by the uttering of its corresponding Sound-Pattern
Everything and everybody possess a key-note name, secret name
Every human being is to possess a person melody
Knowing the key-note gains possession of an object

The Egyptian Priesthood used perfect and scientifically proportional use of everyday speech causing Words to become 'Animated by a Harmony.

Thank you for listening,

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The Divine Utterance Empty Re: The Divine Utterance

Post by Syrianeh 31.07.09 0:28

Very interesting, Ankhhape.

So how would one strive to find their secret name? Could this be rather an image than a sound?

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The Divine Utterance Empty Re: The Divine Utterance

Post by Daniel09 31.07.09 7:15

I think the idea is that every image has its own vibration or sound. Finding your image could be the first step in discovering your true vibration, the harmonic frequency which guides you, and then you can get into even more complex matters by saying there is a base frequency for you, and then there is an outer frequency which changes throughout your life. I actually read a set of fantasy novels that delved deeply into name magic a long time ago. I should find out what books they were.

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The Divine Utterance Empty Re: The Divine Utterance

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