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New privacy policy. Empty New privacy policy.

Post by Elendor 13.12.10 2:30

There is a new privacy policy when it comes to the reading permissions in this forum.

With the new system in effect, only registered and active members can read the posts and every bit of content within this forum. It is a way to further ensure the privacy of the community and make sure that if people want to be a part of it, or read the knowledge and opinions shared by others, would have to register and be logged in to benefit from what others give them freely and selflessly in here.

It is our belief that Vampirism Forum has grown to become a valuable online reference and comprehensive compilation of a body of occult knowledge, presenting a set of vampiric information, spirituality and metaphysics, that cannot be easily found in other sources, and that can prove to be a valuable tool to any honest and mature occult student.

We hope that this measure pleases the community and shows our commitment to protect and value their contributions, opinions and wisdom.

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