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Post by Sybil Mason 14.07.12 6:28

If anyone feels they might have been unfairly banned due to some form of misunderstanding and honestly regret their inappropriate conduct in this community, please contact me using the Private Message system with a temporary secondary account and calmly explain your situation. If there is a plausible case the appeal will then be exposed to the administration staff and, if approved, the original account may be reinstated in the system and the ban restrictions lifted.

Bear in mind that if a reinstated account gets banned a second time the ban will be permanent with no rights to revision by the administration and a range of IP addresses may be added to the ban system, blocking the user from even reading the forum as guest. Only accounts banned for a period of one (1) month and more will be considered for revision. All other appeals will be rejected without evaluation.

Please don't abuse this system and only apply if there is a genuine interest in this community and the desire to contribute. We are not a community of extremes and we have always taught and embraced balance in our occult pursuits. This policy is just another way to show that.

Thank you.

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