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Post by Elendor 02.02.11 11:03

Hello community,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the new web address of Vampirism Forum:

Due to the increased success and level of respect that our community has achieved as an online reference in the subject of Vampirism, we have been migrating to a new top level domain. This new address will be easier to remember, quicker to type and better to regularly access, establishing a new standard as the definitive resource to discuss anything related with the spirituality, practices, metaphysics and traditions of Vampires.

Our previous address on Subject Expert will remain active and functional as well as all the previous links, however they will now be redirected to the new domain. So the adaptation will be peaceful to everyone, since everything will still work just the same.

The welcome text from the homepage has also been slightly tweaked and updated in a way that better represents us as a community.

I hope that you all enjoy the news and please update your bookmarks.

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