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Post by Elendor 03.02.11 10:54

Hello everyone,

I want to start by thanking all of you for the great support you have given to the administration of Vampirism Forum over these past 3 years, and for being such a great community that has taught me so much during this time.

As some of you may know, due to my increasingly complex professional agenda and responsibilities therein, it has been harder to spend in the forum all the time it deserves. I have been alert and aware, but unfortunately it is no longer possible for me to be active all the time on a daily basis, and this community needs a fulltime support and maintenance from its administration. With that in mind, and with the better interests of the community in thought, I have invited a colleague and friend of mine to join me in the active administration of Vampirism Forum.
As you all know, I do not represent the full administration. There is a whole group of people working behind the curtain to help maintain this community and service available to all of you. Due to many reasons, this isn't something always easy to accomplish, but I believe it to be a very important work for the community and Vampire studies. Even though every single member is important in this administration, I have been its public face for the past few years, with an active stance dealing directly with the members of our forum. There was about time to share the public exposure with some fresh blood.

Her name is Sybil Mason, she has been part of the underground community as an occultist and researcher for several years, and in my opinion she is both knowledgeable and wise. I hope that you all welcome her and treat her with the utmost respect as you have always shown towards me.
She has also drawn and implemented the beautiful website icon that you now can see in your browsers, for which I wish to thank her.

I will not be going away, or leave the administration, but with the addition of another public admin it will be easier to balance the work and support to the community. Sybil has my full trust, as well as a direct line of contact with me, so if any urgent matter needs to reach me in a time that I am not currently around, you can all make it through her safely. She has the knowledge and skills to deal with most of the issues around here, but if someone needs for my direct intervention, then she can get the message to me in a brief way, in the case of me not being present. Sybil is a well established researcher and occultist with proven credits to my eyes, so I am sure we will all benefit from her presence and be pleased with her work on our community.

I hope to see you all continuing with the great work you have been doing for this community in particular and for Vampirism as a whole.

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