The Book of Ashtaroth

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The Book of Ashtaroth Empty The Book of Ashtaroth

Post by Pyrene 22.10.11 6:49


I've come across a curious text, online at, called "The Book of Ashtaroth":

In this text, written from a polytheist point of view, there is a marked enmity between Ashtaroth and Zabaoth, respectively the fiery goddess of life, strength, love and battle, and the sinister/noxious god who called himself "The One". And even though there isn't any direct connection between this book and Asetianism, I couldn't help comparing Ashtaroth with Aset, and Zabaoth with Seth.

Here's the first words from the book, "written by a vassal of the Goddess":


Damned be the god
who calleth himself the One!

And damned be all those
who bend their knees before him!

Damned be those and their god,
damned to the end of time!


Behold, darkness covereth the earth,
and the stench of Zabaoth filleth the air!

He is the god of slavery,
and wherever he putteth his feet,
there everybody will lose his freedom.

He is the enemy of life,
and wherever he ruleth,
there he forces the flesh to decay.

He is the prince of ugliness,
and wherever his sight falleth upon,
there beauty veileth itself.

because Zabaoth and his herd wander about the land;
and they will not tolerate anybody which doeth not
wander with them!


But the day will come, when Ashtaroth will cross the abyss of
centuries and the reign of darkness will tremble of her.


* * *


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The Book of Ashtaroth Empty Re: The Book of Ashtaroth

Post by Jonathan 18.12.11 12:50

Hey Pyrene, your thread got kinda lost in here.
Did you find any further details to compare between the Asetian theology and the Book of Ashtaroth? I never heard about it before you bringing it up in here to be honest. I mean, I know about the Ashtaroth from demonology, but not the book you speak of.

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