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Werewolves Empty Werewolves

Post by Filia Noctis 26.10.12 8:36

I have seen several topics about werewolves here, but they seem to be either about someone asking how to “become one” or about comparing werewolves to vampires. So I thought maybe I could make a topic that is just about werewolves for anyone who is interested.

Everything I write here is what I know about the subject and what seems to be reasonable and reliable information to me. I will not say this is the only truth about the subject, in fact I will say the opposite. This is my view on things and what I have learned about the werewolf community.

I think the best way to start is with why some basic information about werewolves.

Basic information

As most people here probably know werewolves have nothing to do with the full moon. Neither are the stories about anger problems and lack of self-control true.

Physical body and energy/soul

Many people here seem to believe werewolves are stronger, bigger and faster than normal humans, but this is not true. You would not be able to see the difference between a werewolf and a regular human just by looking at their physical body, strength, speed or health. Though some werewolves are bigger and stronger than humans and vampires there are also werewolves who are smaller and weaker than the average human.
Some werewolves have heightened senses, others don’t, so I assume this is just something personal and does not really have to do with being a werewolf.

The only way to recognize a werewolf is by their energy and some say their soul. A werewolf’s energy and soul feel stronger and more primal, but at the same time way more advanced than the average human’s.
Some psychics claim that if they “look at a werewolf in a different way” (this is the actual quote of a friend) they can see a wolf instead of a human, but I will not say anything about that.
Many of the werewolves I have ever talked to agree that being a werewolf is something spiritual, not something physical.


There is no real emotional difference between werewolves and normal humans, though some werewolves have said emotions from their “animal side” feel different than “their own” emotions.

Real werewolves

I believe someone said that werewolves outnumber vampires, but I think this is not true. There are way less real werewolves than people think.

A good example is probably the “vampire community” there are role-players, wannabes with an overactive imagination and people who can/have to drain energy from someone or get energy from blood. In the last group there are probably millions of people, yet I think there are only a few thousand real vampires. This is simply because there is way more to being a vampire than just draining someone’s energy or drinking their blood. There is a spiritual side to being a vampire, and this side is just as important (if not more important) than people who are not real vampires think.
I could write a few paragraphs about it, but I think people here know what I am talking about.

The same think goes for werewolves. Many people have the ability to mentally change into animals or to change their astral body into an animal, but this does not make them a werewolf.

One thing that I've noticed with quite a few people, they all make it seem like shifting is the only part of being a werewolf. That if you shift, you're a werewolf and that's all that matters. I think people often forget about the mindset behind being a werewolf. We forget that there is a whole culture and society behind it all. A completely different perspective than other creatures. It's not just about the shifting you guys. There is more to it then that. So if you can't shift, that doesn't make you any less a werewolf and if you can, it doesn't make you any more.
(Source: werewolf-forums site)

“Creating” werewolves

Just like for vampires there is no “easy” way to turn someone into a werewolf. Long ago there probably used to be a way, or perhaps more than just one, to turn people into werewolves. This was possibly a way similar to the Dark Kiss (I believe that’s what it is called here) for vampires. But those rituals have been lost for a long time, if they ever existed.

History and rituals

The history of werewolves has never really been written down, so there is not much to tell about it. There is one interesting thing I found on another forum though, which describes a ritual, or maybe rather a belief, of the real werewolves. To me it seems to be a proof that werewolves are not disorganized, or lack spirituality and morality, like some people seem to think.

A common misconception that most people have is that werewolves are only werewolves because they can shift into a werewolf. The truth in it is this, Being a werewolf is what your heart is made of. There are those that can shift but aren't werewolves. Likewise, there are those that can not shift and are still werewolves.

The werewolf culture has, for the most part, been lost and died out completely.
There are many traditions from that past that are no longer seen.
One such was the ceremony of the heart.

It was believed that a werewolf's heart never truly beats, that they are never truly a werewolf, unless they can display several traits that come from the heart.

The belief was that the heart and soul, though separate, at the same time were one. It was believed that the heart was broken into 5 parts, with the soul residing as the 5th most part and at the center of the heart. The first piece of the heart represented warrior spirit.

Many of you must be thinking blood, gore, hunting, and war, but it was in fact more of having strength in the heart, mind, and body. Knowing that there is a time to fight, a time to withdraw, as well as a time for peace. This concept was not just placed into the physical world of war, but imbued into the tasks of everyday life such as a simple conversation.

The second piece of the heart represents perspective. It was said that no two people have the same perspectives, but that they can still share them. This piece of heart was used to explain why someone can look at a tree and think it's beautiful while someone else could think the same tree was ugly.

The ability to see the world around you and understand it through your own eyes as well as the eyes of anyone else is what truly makes this piece function well.

The third piece of the heart is connectivity. This piece of heart allows us to love more deeply then any other creature in existence. It allows us to connect to the things around us in ways others do not understand. For example: My connection with wolves, ice, and music is incomprehensible for others. It's not just something I like or love, it's part of who I am. This piece makes relationships stronger.

The fourth piece is the rank piece. Many of you may be thinking that this piece determines your rank in a pack or as a loner. On the contrary, rather this piece of the heart is what gives you the strength to decide your own rank for yourself. Everyone has the strength and ability to be an alpha if they so chose to use that strength.

Does this mean you could be an alpha? Of course! If you work hard and chose to be one! If you're already in a pack, you can stay in the pack and still be an alpha, but you'll still want to follow the designated leader. This is a really complex system and I'm doing my best to explain it. However, I'm not sure I can find the right words. If you have any questions regarding this section please feel free to PM me so that there isn't so much confusion.

The final piece of the heart is the soul. This represents purity of the mind, heart, body, and everything. It represents every kind of love; passionate, material, religious, for examples. It is the werewolf's duty to maintain a pure self and only allow the proper types of love in their life. For example: A werewolf will not allow dangerous substances enter their body. Example for love: Choosing passionate and religous love over material love.

Now, I'm sure many of you are freaking out because of the dangerous substance part or even other parts of this. Here's your relief.

You aren't expected to become all of this all at once. It takes time, many years in fact. Once you know that you're a werewolf of heart, you'll just know. So if you don't have your warrior spirit part activated and you've gone years without it, don't fret. Focus on unlocking that piece! And once you do, continue on your journey to improve yourself and guide others.

When a werewolf has successfully completed all of these things, there used to be a ceremony to celebrate the accomplishment.
(Source: lycanforums site)

I want to add that saying “existed out of” would probably be a better way to put it than “was broken into” because it would make clear that it is not about something being incomplete or broken, but the different sides of something. Of course that is just my opinion.

The “war” between werewolves and vampires

As far as I know all real werewolves say they have nothing against vampires, except the fact that some tend to act like they are superior (but I am sure those are not real vampires).
Over all there do not seem to be any problems between the two, other than a lack of communication with and knowledge about the other if you want to call those problems.

Maybe somewhere long ago there have been fights, but the same could be said about a lot of countries around the world which are now working together (look at Germany and the Europese Union for example). My point is: what happens in the past has happened in the past and it was the past for a reason.

Another thing is that vampires and werewolves both seem to think they are better than the other.
I think neither is better, they are just different. If you would look at both, the similarities and the differences you would probably see werewolves and vampires are not so different after all.
Werewolves and vampires are both more developed spiritually than most humans, their souls are usually older, at some point they have been made what they are. There are more things I could think about, but it would probably make this topic longer (and more boring) than it already is.

The only real difference between werewolves and vampires, other than that the one needs energy and the other can somehow shift into an animal, is that the energy of a werewolf is rather primal, sometimes based on instinct and intuition rather than anything else, where vampires are more interested in learning new things and understanding them.
It does not make one better than the other, it just makes them different. Different like day and night. I can imagine this would have caused conflicts in the past, but nowadays people have learned to at least accept the differences.

That was all I had to say about this topic. It is a bit longer than I expected it to be, sorry for that, but I hope it is useful information. I would love to hear other people’s opinions about it.

It seems like I am not allowed to put links in my topics (yet) so I just put the name of the forum sites I got the quotes from in the source (in case anyone cares where I got the information from).
Filia Noctis
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Werewolves Empty Re: Werewolves

Post by Divine 277 27.10.12 17:29

This was a very delightful reading thank you, I dont know much about the lycantrops, besides what is written in some myths, so thank you it was an interesting read Smile

Sincerely Divine 277
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Werewolves Empty Re: Werewolves

Post by Sanguine 15.12.12 7:50

This is quite an old topic, but i do love the information that lies within this. There is much i hadn't known, that i now do. I wish to understand both Vampires, and Werewolves fully, so i try to.
You have aided me on my path of knowledge, many thanks Very Happy

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Werewolves Empty Re: Werewolves

Post by Filia Noctis 16.12.12 7:38

I believe knowledge is there to be shared, so you're welcome.
And I'd like to say you have a very interesting signature...
Filia Noctis
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Werewolves Empty Re: Werewolves

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