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Post by Maxx on 14.01.19 14:50

None of you here really know what the hell I do but in many cases, it is tied to consciousness and energy work.  Nothing I see really surprises me I thought.  But last night I had a new incident come up.

I have contact with many that have passed over after so-called death and we have conversations, etc.  One lady, I remember from the past, I  had not been in contact with for a while so when I would think of her I could not find her out in the universe.  I wondered.  etc.   We first met when she brought her daughter into my office after hearing a couple of radio interviews I did with the Vatican's exorcist at the time.  Malaki Martin.

Last night she came in lucid dream time and talked to me over a cell phone more plain than the phone I use today.  I had gone to focus 12 and was working there when I suddenly found myself in an open area in a Mall.  We had a great conversation and she told me to tell a lady that had lost her dog that it was fine and it will find it's way home with no problems.  When I first figured out who she was that was talking to me over the phone, I said that I now recognised the voice.  I asked where she was...?   Her reply....why, I'm at home.  You know where I am.  ha.  At the end of the conversation, I heard kind of half a sob of sorts so I asked what's wrong?  She said, she has to go now back to heaven...and she laughed.  She said I will be back in touch.  

Not strange that I had a conversation with her, but it is very strange that she called me over a phone to chat with me from the other side.

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