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Post by Elendor 01.06.08 19:30

Welcome to Vampirism Forum.

We are an online community that aims on the research, discussion and support of vampirism, as a spiritual path and condition of the soul. This is a gathering not only for vampires, as for witches, otherkin and yes, even humans.

If you want to learn more about the occult, or if you are a learned practitioner eager to join an active community and discuss these thematics, feel free to apply and join our forum.

IMPORTANT: This forum pretends to close a gap in what comes to the representation of occult communities online of excellence. This means that we will strive to promote mature and knowledgeable discussions and healthy debates. Any kind of closed-minded attitudes, arrogance, intolerance and disrespect will not be tolerated and our admins and moderators will ensure that this policy is applied. Clone users (meaning any user with more than one active account) will have their accounts deactivated and their IP addresses banned.

If you are here to learn, evolve and develop spiritually... you are more than welcome to join us. I am sure you will have a nice time around. Smile

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