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Post by Elendor 01.02.09 15:31

I am here to present you version 2.0 of our Vampirism community.

After requests and the opinion from several users that were tired of the previous look the forum had, we are now using a darker theme, just to change a bit in feel from the previous one that was getting boring. We hope that this solution may please most of you and that can allow yourselves to continue doing amazing discussions and debates under this house, with these new darker and more mysterious walls.

Some of you may also notice that while you are not logged in the forum, some ads are being displayed in the top. This decision was a demand from our services provider, to ensure the continuity of this community and providing a dynamic and continuous work in this forum. The ads are provided and administered by Google and are only presented to non-registered users. Members still benefit from a premium service without publicity. We repeat that this decision was taken by the provider and not by the Vampirism Forum administration. We maintain and develop this forum without any reward besides knowledge and the sense of community. It is our pleasure to see how this community has grown and became a reference in what comes to online forums on vampirism, in an example of maturity and growth which is very rare to find these days in any online group or service.

We look forward to continue for many long additional years of knowledge, debates, help, support, guides, spiritual growth and much more that may come into this project in the future.

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