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keepers and feeding Empty keepers and feeding

Post by Aven 09.02.13 18:06

I wasn't sure to put this here or in the feeding section.

Do the keepers feed same as Asetians ?

What are the benefits of feeding from keepers?

Is it possible to reflect more than one of the bloodlines, as in being both nature of a concubine and keeper?

apologize if the answers are in the AB, I am currently waiting for my copy in the mail.

Thank you :-)


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keepers and feeding Empty Re: keepers and feeding

Post by Jonathan 10.02.13 5:39

I don't know what would be the benefits of feeding from a Keeper, but I take it would only be possible if there was a high level of trust and intimacy in order to be able to do that, just like with an Asetian. Probably only possible within family. Anyways I can't see the relevance of wondering such benefits as you're unlikely to find someone who would know that or at least talk about it openly. Keepers and Asetians are very private and intimate details of feeding are often kept to themselves.

But no, one can't be a Concubine and a Keeper. Different Lineages. Just like you can't be a Guardian and a Concubine.

Concubines (Scarabs) descend from Aset.
Keepers descend from Anubis.

Keepers eternally protect and safeguard the Asetians as well as their culture, magick and secrets.

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