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Post by Troublemaker 20.12.13 23:14

As I'm beginning to acclimate myself to this new way of thinking, I've noticed some changes. For example, I recently went to a public place where there were loads of people around. I couldn't help but notice I had a heightened sensitivity to the energy around me... I got extremely grumpy and felt... I guess 'icky' is a good word to describe it. Even when I was in an area where people weren't invading my personal space, I felt extremely claustrophobic. I'm not usually that way- I don't care for large crowds but I can handle them well. Until today, that is. It felt like my nerves were rubbed raw and I could feel too much energy coming from too many people at once. I'm not sure how this is happening but it was quite the experience. Anyway, I thought I'd share that, because I made my first Sigil about eight hours before the experience and I didn't know if it was a coincidence or not.

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