Linear kinetic energy (LKE) and angular/rotational kinetic energy (RKE).

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Linear kinetic energy (LKE) and angular/rotational kinetic energy (RKE). Empty Linear kinetic energy (LKE) and angular/rotational kinetic energy (RKE).

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I dont know if this is the right forum , but i`v dicided to post here... please corect me if i was wrong.

Energy is the capacity for doing work. Energy takes many different forms such as: Solar, mechanical, electrical, chemical, nuclear, heat, and sound energy(i`m not sure but do you you think there is a "soul enegy" also?) . Mechanical energy has two different manifestations: 1) Potential energy which is the capacity of a body to do work by virtue of its position relative to a reference, measured in Joule, and 2) Kinetic energy which is the energy due to its motion/action. Kinetic energy also has two forms of manifestation: Linear kinetic energy (LKE) and angular/rotational kinetic energy (RKE).

Both linear and angular kinetic energy are dependent upon the interaction of mass and velocity. If we take the mass and velocity in each case as a constant attribute, the angular kinetic energy is much stronger than the linear kinetic energy. This is because in rotational motion any mass tends also to accelerate due to centrifugal (pseudo) force; and during the time of liberation of the body mass with the technique, e.g. spinning back kick, the energy liberated will be much stronger than in the case of linear kinetic energy. In this case a punch such as an uppercut, a fencing technique such as cut, or a spinning back kick will be much stronger than techniques executed linearly.

These two forms of mechanical energy have important biomechanical implications for the understanding and controlling of the technical executions of the various of atacks and defences in the martial arts.

thank`s to Prof. Dr. Emeric Arus we know this is actually science...

Is there a posibility to enhance use or more energy from your psi, psykick energy pool, aura power or anything like that to empower fysical atcks more than what science conclude with ???

i`ve studied this for a while(lets say aproximately15-20years) and have a few pointers, but i want to hear your point of wiew first......

still learning; Proxy


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