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Post by Kalb 02.07.16 18:19

For a while, I meditated what would be the possibility of Asetian Manifesto have connections with the Tarot, then an idea came to me through the Book of Orion. But this issue arose after reading the BoO, seen to be a complex book and hard to understand. The details of every sentence in bold start intrigues me, so I remembered to use the table of numbers and according to numerology understand only the numbers in bold. wrote:A) To become an Asetian is to die and be reborn.
B) To forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten.
C) To be an Asetian is to be blessed with everlasting Love.
The letter "T" represents the number 2, which starts to be interesting, because as we all know 2 means Duality and this philosophy is firmly held in Asetianism, now, taking a short look to the minor arcana in the Tarot, (I'm using Thoth deck and in some instances I also use the Egyptian). We see: Two of Wands - Dominion; Two of Cups - Love; Two of Swords - Peace; Two of Disks – Change.

Reviewing again the first three sentences of the Manifesto, I can perfectly fit the symbolism of the cards to the Asetian philosophy. In Tree of life she is The connection between Kether and Tiphareth. IN LIBER Q, published by the College of Thelema is said the following about the High Priestess:

Liber Q - tarot Symbolism & Divination wrote:Yet thy skin is cool & pale in the moonlight. Not even night can
cool the embrace of thine arms about me, nor darken the glistening
silver-white substance of our love. I close my eyes and it shields
them not; rather, you grow brighter still. Your eyes lock on mine,
unblinking and uneclipsed, O mother, O lover, O child.”

Well, the High Priestess is responsible for the union between the two Sephiroth, it starts at 1 and ends at 6, Beauty (Tiphareth), which in ancient Egypt means Nefer, as a divine name, as Thoth does not say exactly who is the High Priestess  I decided to go to other decks find information and in Egytian (CARTOUCHE), I see the letter 2 representing Isis, then it gave me more motivation to continue my reasoning. It is symbolic when I compare all of these things, but all the magick comes from Aset, and this order is making logic in my mind and I back to question the letters of Thoth, the Two of Wands - Dominion, represent the power of the sentences A and B, the letter has 6 flames, some teachers say it is a direct connection to the sun, I would say in this case that is a direct connection to Nefer. Perhaps astral temples. The Dominion letter and the excerpt text from the Liber Q, makes me do more connections, if I add the three sentences I will have as a result the number 6. (2 (T) +2 (T) +2 (T) = 6 and what is the greatest Arcanum that represent the number 6? The Lovers. (“O mother, O lover, O child”). wrote:C) Is to be cursed by a never-ending thirst for perfection
In the Book of Orion, it does not appear an "I", but rather a one (1). According to the Tarot, the Aces are the origin of everything and it is through them that everything is manifested. In Major Arcana, the one is the Magus. He is responsible for writing, he is the creator of magic, it's who creates the Hekas.

And I continue with the same reasoning throughout the Manifesto finding details in numerology and Tarot that make me smile to see simple things become complex. What do you think of this? Any clue that I can offer to improve my study?

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