A truly different view of Demons (Messengers)

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A truly different view of Demons (Messengers) Empty A truly different view of Demons (Messengers)

Post by Maxx 30.04.17 9:41

I have long viewed the force of Demons (or Messengers) all very differently than all the grimoires convey their appearance or even how they interact with humankind. This is an account that originates from the mind of an author, but it may well be a perfect illustration of the actual workings of another dimension and this is the way other dimensions interact with those of us semi-trapped in this earthly universe... through our mind. So, for your thoughtful consideration, you may find this very action packed.

An excerpt from William Mistele's New Title, Coming Soon -'STORIES OF MAGIC AND ENCHANTMENT' - A story about an encounter with an archdemon.

Radea and the Archdemon.

"Radea entered his bedroom. It was late at night. He sat at a table and then suddenly rose, holding his head, and threw himself onto his bed. A dark blue sphere of light appeared in his room. An Archdemon materialized within the light and then spoke to Radea. Radea isn’t sure if he is dreaming.
Radea: “What do you want?”
Archdemon: “Hello.”
Radea: “What is this? You happen to be in the neighborhood and drop in for a casual conversation?”
Archdemon: “Hear me out. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses. Ours has strong will but is weak on feeling. Yours has weak will but a wondrous sense of being alive.”
Radea: “I rarely feel alive. More like now—like I am caught in a bad dream.”
Archdemon: “It is through your soul that you feel alive. The soul contains your ability to have new experiences along with a sense of wonder and beauty. It enables you to feel happiness, peace, contentment, and satisfaction. As you begin to lose your soul, you can still experience pleasure, but not bliss and ecstasy and never rapture.
“With a soul, affection, love, and intimacy are always a possibility. Without a soul, you can only experience these things through fantasy as if you are viewing them from outside like a mirage hovering over a distant horizon.
“But if you are already in despair, feeling alienated and lost, depressed and devoid of wonder and curiosity, then you have nothing to lose. Your soul has no meaning to you.
“Except for this one thing—hope. Hope is the possibility of something new coming to you. But if your despair has already lead you to abandon hope and you no longer wish be made new, to change, and to transform, then we can custom design a plan of exchange just right for you.”
Radea: “I always thought of you demons as being narrow minded and shallow twits. Overly possessive …. you know what I mean?”
Archdemon: “Let me refresh your memory on the part demons have been assigned to play in the unfolding of creation.
“Everyone needs a purpose to be alive. Otherwise being here in the physical world would have no meaning. And yet, oddly, there are human beings who have no purpose. They have chosen no part to play in this magnificent and wondrous universe that surrounds us. And so we demons act as spirit guides, inspiring and prompting human beings to step up and accept the great destiny that awaits them.
“The bottom line is that we do good work. Someone is confused or in despair? We grant obsessions that draw them back to their senses. We place in their soul vices so they have something inside of themselves they can strive with in order to develop courage and strength.
“If someone lacks empathy and is a virtual sociopath, we create situations in which they are deeply wronged by someone else. And though they lack any ability to feel what others’ feel, instantly they will experience that most powerful of emotions—revenge. And what is revenge but a commitment to make another person feel what we feel by going through a similar experience. After all, if someone wrongs you, you can make things right, quickly and decisively. Revenge is all about establishing a gut to gut connection and making life fair.
“If someone abuses you, you get angry. That is only natural. And creating the emotion of anger is one of our specialties. Anger and rage infuse the soul with a massive amount of raw, fiery energy. And without that firsthand experience with the explosive power of fire, it is impossible for an individual to develop will power. And without will power, a species becomes extinct. You could say we demons watch over the human race to make sure you survive and prevail.
“If someone is so confused they have lost their ties to even their body and their soul is at risk of dissolving into the void, demons come to the rescue. That is why lower demons exist—to act as surrogates that take possession of the weak and implant in them blind, primordial cravings that tie them to life until they are ready to get back on their feet.
“Or if someone, even those of noble birth like yourself, are in a state of despair, why our job is to take away your freedom so that life is seen in perspective. You never appreciate what you have until it is gone. Then you realize that freedom is worth whatever price you must pay to regain it.”
Radea: “You are saying malice is good?”
Archdemon: “Not malice but the results. With a little fear and old-fashioned terror in just the right amounts, people become hard working, productive, and, above all else, loyal—we establish long lasting ties to a community.”
Radea: “Community?”
Archdemon: “Oh I realize the Thieves’ Guild, the Assassin’s Guild, or rule by a mob might not measure up to your standard of what constitutes a genuine community. But the spiritual laws governing the operation of communities are indisputable.
“It does not matter how loving a community is or how productive and helpful it is in serving others. All we require to put an end to any spiritual development of any kind in an individual is to control one of three things - either what people think, that is, their beliefs, what they feel, or their actions.
“Join a loving community where everyone cares for each other with genuine affection? It does not matter. Get them to accept without question any set of doctrines, no matter how profound, and that spiritual community now falls under demonic jurisdiction. Without freedom of thought, the heart is like a beautiful song bird imprisoned in a gilded cage.”
Radea: “And I suppose assigning people to hell after they die is another one of your gifts that grant purpose to life?”
Archdemon: “No one goes to hell against their will. They die and some are so confused and lost that everywhere they look they see only fear and terror. And so the only place they feel comfortable is filled with horror and suffering. At least that is something with which they are familiar. They accept that as home.
“Like those who die in violent circumstances are unable to move on. They are obsessed with reliving the trauma of their death over and over again. Attachment to a body and a personal identity is necessary in the beginning as a way to learn and to experience life. But some are slow learners. They consider that what they are attached to is the only true reality.
“After all, no one who lives in abject poverty closes their eyes and dreams of having all their needs met, being surrounded by a loving family, and playing a productive and fulfilling role in the world. It never occurs to them that they are free to dream any dream, that for at least the time at night when they asleep they can be anyone and experience anything.
“And no one who has been violated and abused, harmed and dominated, closes their eyes at night and dreams of having an intimate, tender, and caring lover and of being surrounded by friends who are loyal and true. It just doesn’t happen. People cannot imagine existing without familiar attachments no matter how horrendous those attachments are.
“All the same, we demons are not without a heart. Built into hell is an escape plan. All you need do is share with another an act of kindness and you are banished from hell forever. There is no room in hell for even one act of compassion.
“And some in hell eventually get bored of suffering and are ready to move on. There is nothing holding anyone anywhere.
“And my best argument for how benevolent demons are made by some of your saints. They proclaim that demons are but angels in disguise. We come to free people of their false attachments that hold them back from experiencing the best in life and the marvels of the spiritual worlds that surround us on all sides.
“I am sure you can understand this. But most people are so insecure they feel threatened by any little change in their lives. If you put off to the side all fear you become enlightened. Angels have tried to teach this to mankind but they have failed. It is left to demons to put on display every kind of fear until a man opens his eyes and realizes that it does not matter where you dwell as long as you feel free in your soul.”
Radea: “Why are you even talking to me?”
Archdemon: “We have a position available and you seem to qualify.”
Radea: “You are pulling my leg.”
Archdemon: “This is the beauty of being an archdemon. Though we often lie and deceive to bring about what we consider to be good results, in your case truth is on our side. You are so perceptive you can see through any lie. And so I can speak to you about things you already know to be true.
“The Dark Order to which you are heir does not possess enough knowledge and wisdom to fill the void inside yourself.”
Radea: “I can sense that. So what?”
Archdemon: “Once or twice every thousand years your race is tested to see if there is someone who can pass through the darkness and obtain cosmic wisdom. Succeed and you shall have all that you desire.”
Radea: “What about love?”
Archdemon: “Love …. Yes …. Tell me what you want from a woman?”
Radea: “I want a woman who is innocent yet sophisticated, vulnerable yet committed, vivacious and wild yet caring and tender, sensual yet perceptive. I want a woman who is so receptive that she can contain all that I am enfolding me in an instant with her eyes, her lips, her breath.”
Archdemon: (The Archdemon leaned forward). “Too easy. Try again. Try speaking from heart.”
Radea: “I want a woman who I can be one with and one with the universe in the same moment. After all, what is a woman for to a man but the beauty of nature right there in front of him available to touch, to taste, and to melt into him at his command.”
Archdemon: “This is what I like about you. Unlike so many others with their petty requests for wealth, fame, pleasure, and power you bring your full imagination to the bargaining table.
“Your request is granted.”
The archdemon disappears.
Radea wakes. There in his bed beneath the sheets, a nude woman fast asleep. Radea cautiously raised the sheets to look at her.
Radea: “Who or what are you?”
Ga: “I love you.”
Radea: “I should believe this?”
Ga: “I am proof of the existence of love.”

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A truly different view of Demons (Messengers) Empty Re: A truly different view of Demons (Messengers)

Post by Jessamine 02.05.17 3:58

Thank you for sharing Maxx, this was very interesting to read. This presented me a new point of view regarding demons.

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