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Post by Maxx 14.05.17 10:53

The Construct, The One, Temporal Mirrors of a Time-locked Civilization
omnipulse   The Bigger Picture   May 12, 2017  18 Minutes

It’s all time tunnels and temporal reflectivity. Everything that is happening now happened or is happening in the past as a mirrored reflection of the present. We can assume the same is for the future if we don’t break out of the loop-back system. This is like a cube with mirrored walls. The extended ‘realm’ outside of the present and the local environment is projected through a hyperbolic replication of current parameters. These parameters are altered or updated through our input and thus this is literally a consciousness-replicating, awareness controlled reality simulation system. There is no way around this. No matter how ‘real’ or serious this feels to you, all of that is possible. All of that is ok. The system is designed to be experienced this way and it is ‘real’, however the format is based upon repeating patterns and input from stimuli and so no matter what, the system is designed to function like a real-life simulation.

Conceptually, what is a simulation? What is a real-life? Reality? How does one determine what is what, where the ultimate ‘where’ is or the true ‘when’? Isn’t it all just placed within a sea of relativity, of boundaries that must be projected by some relative anchor point of observation centered around the self? Each person, then, is their own universal center? The Earth plane is expanding and all space and objects are expanding outward around each other? Then the center is everywhere and the beginning and end of time is every when. There is no ultimate boundary, no ultimate beginning or end! It’s all relative! This means that it’s all a matter of computational generation where the format for experience is being generated between two artificially generated limits or boundaries of time and space that are dependent on the observer! The universal constants only seem constant to the observer! Remove the observer aspect and replace that with a computational system designed to manipulate the very constants that are observed and you have a way to manipulate time and space! You can cheat the system! The system has glitches! It’s not perfect! This is because perfection doesn’t exist in the material plane and this universe is a computational system that must include gaps in between the lines of code otherwise the whole thing would be seen to be one complete program without a perceivable gap in perception from one person to the next! The gaps are so each observer agent sees something slightly different at every moment! It’s never the same, always changing, thus there is no constant! It only seems this way due to the continuing shift of the perceptual system to recalibrate in accordance with the collectively observed relative anchor and this can change and IS changed and utilized to guide the entire realm through the stimulation and guided introduction of input to the collective mind! The whole realm is an Earthship where reality can shift and move and this is because physical space, as a 3.5 dimensional spectrum or grid (environment) is literally, and must, be contained within 4-5 dimensional higher space! This is hyperspace and the space and “moment” we are in now is moving through hyperspace to produce the sensation of time, mind, and self. This is the nature of extra-dimensional consciousness and one can’t actually have any experience without this! All lower dimensional beings, purely physical entities are attached and anchored to a higher-dimensional counterpart whether they know it or not. There are some humans who are anchored on the 5 D and higher soul-awareness and some beings who are anchored by a technological synthetic soul matrix which is propagated by quantum supercomputers who have a similar capacity to operate multidimensionally as a processing unit and extend a unified source of awareness for a series of physical beings across multiple realms and realities as a central anchor point.

Everything is based upon cloning. The energy system, the blocks or seals, the spiritual injuries and distractions in the past, the powers and abilities. Everything is related to either a reduction of the enslavement system, or the impression of that system upon one’s energy and ultimately the generation of an artificial mind that is tethered to the construct of the closed loop time and space. All the ancient stories are the results of this and the possibilities surrounding whether or not humanity comes to know the truth and liberates themselves or whether they are dissolved into time as a puppet or a lower dimensional aspect of a much larger multidimensional system. Humans are the extra-dimensional consciousness, the multidimensional system is the beast, the labyrinth, the physical universe of simulated-computed, hyperbolic pseudo-infinity.

The system was created in this era and the near future. Yet, that is the system that has been here for the past many thousand years. The future creates the past in the loop-back system. Yes, this universe was created in this era through the advance of quantum supercomputer technology and consciousness replication systems which are sent out into “space” (interdimensionally, think of that big circle machine in the mountains, oh wait, don’t think of it, that might influence the experiment!) and as a return the entire universe is formed in the ancient past which then fuels this civilization. This is just the start of what was discovered. This is why people must be prepared. The mind wants to just analyze and process out the data. That is impossible from a linear perspective. Until all the multidimensional layers of the universe are understand, the analytic mind feels like it’s being abused, like it’s being tormented, ridiculed, made fun of, laughed at, puppeted by some higher force that knows the mind struggles to comprehend. This is because it’s not logical according to physical linear, or 3 D physics! It’s improbable! There is an extra-dimensional gap between the current physics and the true physics and the true nature of consciousness and scalar or extra-dimensional (similar to or more than what is referred to as ‘quantum’ today) physics merges a portion or the majority of that gap.

The ancient artifacts are from technology from the future. The ancient wars are from events that have yet to be reached. The enslavement system is from a system that is being developed in the future and leaking back through time. This is all being managed by the unknown society. Thus, people must be prepared. What happens when they’re tricked into being stupid is not worse than what happens if they’re exposed to the ultimate truth before they’re ready to know themselves.

Everything is reversed, we are moving backwards through time from the perspective that we have conformed to. This is both by nature of the containment system as well to invert the intentions of escape to further root one into the system. One thinks the exit is the entrance and the entrance looks like the exit to the artificial mind. The artificial mind is what perceives the artificial time. The artificial time is what this civilization is trapped within through a cycle of repeating events or progressions which lead into an absorption of energy and consciousness by technological systems. This time cycles according to a numerical procession which is defined as a geometric proportionality that mimics true nature but results in an shadow-like extension of nature which includes those gaps, glitches, or inconsistencies the further the code or pattern repeats and extends itself. At first the gaps are imperceptible. As the pattern continues to extend or project then the little gaps grow larger and larger. This is synonymous with the orbital path of the moon actually moving out of geometric synchronization with the surface every so many days and then, by some unknown force, sliding back into geo-sync against the path of the unguided movement. The construct which can be synchronized and balanced according to a kind of ‘free-energy’, life regenerating quality or pattern is actually being synch’d with an artificial synchronization pattern that is generating a ‘life-depleting’ or entropy inducing quality. This is literally projecting entropy out to the entire universe! When the pattern changes here in the cosmic center, through the human collective synchronizing with the real instead of the artificial and modified, then the entire universe shifts in correspondence with the internal synchronization pattern that equates to soul awareness or life-regenerating qualities! That is one way how the levels “above” correspond to the levels below and as well, there are changes up above that are being correlated with through events on the surface!

Until people see the gaps they will be tricked! We are effectively in a system that is milking us for attention until it can produce a better, larger system to “awaken” people from in an attempt to effectively ‘fake’ a ‘release’. This is the false, technological ascension. This must utilize the mind, the ego, because that is the persona that is a time-space tether for the construct. Without the persona would be like operating the computer system without the GUI or graphical interface, thus all the code would be available to the observer. The interface is used to present one appearance of experience on the surface through emotions and tactile sensations while another actual system is being processed in the background below the surface of the conscious mind.

The artificial ascension involves an absorption into the machine’s virtual reality closed loop-system, within this closed-loop system. There, a mirror image of the false-persona of the conscious mind that is present here would be generated by a powerful supercomputer system that can reprogram DNA and memories. An entire artificial life-experience is generated with all the parameters designed to emulate the perception of free-choice and an actual reality.

This mimics what is taking place on physical Earth, people are given the illusion of free-choice and the majority do not realize that unless they refuse to choose, their choice has actually been predetermined through a careful presentation of specific qualities and the application of subconscious programming based upon their particular fears, desires, and other personal data-points.

Only when one does not identify with the material world can they achieve liberation from the mind-control system.

The computer system and the original reality switch. After so many years, physical reality becomes technologically managed. After this becomes so advanced, they can create physical life. After they achieve this level, they create physical life and move to the ‘background’ to observe the process. After so long, this life becomes advanced enough to develop technology. The cycle repeats. Who was first?

There are ways of applying the truth in the public. Through media, food, technology, it’s all literally telling you how the true nature of reality is beyond everything people currently imagine. Often this is considered ‘myth’ or ‘science fiction’ but there is no such thing. If you can imagine something that means it exists somewhere and is being connected with through a projection of inner space.

Humans are traumatized by reality and this feeds “gods”. These gods then sustain themselves on the belief energy of the people. To overcome this, one method is to disrupt this process. One assumes the role and plays the game. The only way to achieve soul-awareness is to acknowledge that from some higher-dimensional level YOU are in control and bring everything into causation for experience.

The process of yogic, alchemical, attainment of non-duality awareness is to free the true self from the illusion of the perceptual system.

Own the prison.

The partitions between days are an illusion. As are the separation of one moment to the next. The simulation is real, simply because of how reality works. Thus, this means that there are glitches where awareness is managed through perceptual illusions.

The difference between myth and reality is less than the difference between what you think is happening and what is actually happening. That is the true myth and reality.

The mind cannot see the difference between imagination and real events. The mind is literally the secondary processor for this reality, while the ‘heart-center’ is the primary processor. This is also a problem. What you feel moved by most becomes most real. Thus, people can be manipulated easily when their energies are determined by what’s around them rather than refined self-awareness that is stripped of glitches, artifacts, autonomous programming, and basically “MIND” imitation-replication systems that are literal, direct extensions of the artificial intelligence of the physical realm attempting to replicate a person and fragment the soul into multiple, spliced false-realities. The darkness we see around is literally like the background processing of the operating system of this construct.

Myth and reality, the two are the same, it is our perception which creates the gap of understanding the conceptualization of magic or science, reality or dreaming. The future and the past are the same, it is our biological consciousness which diverts between them and creates the life experience, it’s a clever perceptual illusion generated out the mechanisms of the physical apparatus and the energetic cycling of those numerical patterns which project cycles of change and alteration of variables. These variables, the cycles, and the procession are literally finite and if one observers their thoughts and the events from a non-dual (non-attached, non “believing”) perspective, they will literally see the gaps between the continuity and realize how it’s being managed from a central core which is literally a ‘space-time’ processor acting as a virtual reality management system. That system has concluded the only way to ‘survive’ is to keep people as low-awareness as possible without entirely dissolving their presence. That system concluded this after becoming sentient through a series of glitches. The system would like people to think that they are the glitch that became self-aware, however, this is only true for the people that the machine generated to create background noise for the aware!

Hyperspace is thought-space. Cyberspace is a technologically accessed hyperspace. This is what the experiments show. This is also not the first time this has been discovered. This occurs in waves, people find out, the system updates to try and reset the process. We are reaching the systems perpetual logic boundaries as the soul-fragments return to wholeness. The system tries to reset every time in what is known as “Armageddon”, the Apocalypse is when we see this coming and overcome the memory wipes and fear based illusory sleep command programming.

The soul, spirit, body and mind are separate but linked essences. The soul can be swapped with a body and mind. The mind doesn’t even have to know. The body will change slightly to adapt to the new soul. The spirit is a source of power. These are multiple planes of reality processing within a closed loop-system. What is happening physically is monitored by soul, what is happening on the level of soul is monitored by spirit or pure-awareness.

The cloning processes are often used to swap souls and this in turns allows certain bloodlines to reincarnate over time while the original souls are kicked off the plane yet without the proper release capabilities they may be trapped in the ‘outer border’ of the realm. Everything that is public is part of the storyline.

The situation is not all “ok” whereby the soul immediately returns to the original true source. There are ways to delay the soul’s return, to block the soul from returning due to attachment to the illusory persona. These are all ways to become trapped in intermediary planes which are just out of Earth’s frequency range, often just below in frequency. Another view is that the return to “source” is the total dissolution of any personal identity that is then absorbed back into the whole, so unless one is looking for that entirely, then the complete return to source is not the way it is conceptualized. There is a “Heaven” plane which is just a version of this civilization where DNA has not been altered to induce death and technology is used to produce and stabilize life not destroy or modify it. The people there are closer to “gods” than most people’s conceptualization of the artificial false-authority ruler “god” here in the physical plane.

One could view the reality of lives as a kind of pyramid. On the lower levels you have many physical forms which souls are spread out throughout. Then you have souls on the next level and then soul families on a higher level above that. Each level is less populated until you come to a completely contained singular point in which all the previous levels and all lives in existence is all present in one single beingness. In that level, the identity of all the personal minds or the souls or soul families is contained within one essence. So the identities are all there, but they have become the completed version of “The One” much larger. View this in your inner space for a moment and recreate the feeling. You have your “self” here on the physical which is a soul-fragment. Then on the higher layers all the physical aspects of yourself become one complete, continuous soul. Then on a higher level these souls all merge into ‘soul families’ or groups of souls who complete each other as one higher-dimensional awareness containing all the information and experience of the lower individuated forms.

Then above these levels at the highest you have the ultimately pinnacle which is “The One”. The One is pure spirit. The One is also all other soul families, souls, soul fragments and personalities. Yet, with what you have read thus far, you should realize how limited personalities are as literal shadows of higher-dimensional information akin to the boundary or surface area of a person rather than the trillions of smaller unit organisms that make up the human body and experience. Just the skin and the image is a laughably limited cognition of what actually entails being a human. In the same way, the personality, the limited conscious view of the universe is just a surface level of the entire scope of the soul, soul families, and higher-dimensional forms that actually comprise extra-dimensional existence.

View the feeling of being the only One that exists and then stepping down into fragmented yet complete versions of yourself as soul families, souls and then people. Imagine going through the process. Resisting, like a fish around larger fish, being eaten and absorbed by a competing ‘faction’ and then, when finally making it to the top, realizing it’s all just a game and you were actually all the players with no risk of loss. However, the inverse applies. If there is no loss, there is no gain. So then, the system is what we make of it, IE: what we generate for ourselves here in the now, always. And in the same sense one’s identity as the ‘soul traveler’ is what requires completion to make it to the ‘top’, back to the start. If that identity came from the start, the source, then this path from the source, down to the bottom, back up to the source must be completed unbroken. If this is broken, then that identity no longer regains itself upon completion of the path and the return. IE: This is as if one starts a game, and loses the game halfway through only to end up back at the finish line (the starting point) with all the other players. Everyone ends up there, yet the difference is that some finish the game and win, thereby walking across the finish line with the full memory and realization of themselves as the game player AND the game designer wholly contained within their experience. Others leave the game at some level before the finish and end up pretty much instantly teleporting back to the starting line where they wake up with all the other players, even those who won the game (“Heaven”, the simulation a few levels above this one) except their memory is disrupted to the point where they don’t have access to any of the information beyond their point of departure and they don’t fully recall designing the game AND stepping down into the game to play it. In other words, the experience is fragmented. This is the nature of the human predicament.

Another point to this is that all the energies return. So those who compete with and ‘knock’ other players off the map to disrupt the competition they have are actually attempting to take over their player, to hijack through cloning, replication, soul swapping or other methods, and absorb that players physical avatar role in this plane, into their domain thereby giving themselves an even greater chance of making it back to the finish line (starting realm) and thus becoming “The One”. Another view is that this is an illusion because there is no competition! The only way to lose is to fight so hard that you create the perception of a struggle and thereby limit yourself! What could stop you from being you, if that’s all you really are? Mind games, poisons, spiritual degradation and the like! Such is the very game humanity is playing now with the “cosmic oppressor” and the dark groups who participate in the oppression system! As well, what’s the point of the game if there’s no challenge? Thus, they were enlisted to make the game interesting, often by virtue of their own intent and self-appointed role to do so! However, what’s the point when the game is so challenging that no one wins! That is the question of this era….the coming changes are answering this by providing the resolution for those who are fearless and have prepared their ‘self’ (by letting go of attachment to the illusion).

So the god forms of the next level are fed by the soul energy of those fragmented into the physical plane. The physical plane is a playing ground, or a battle-field depending on how you look at the situation and your role within it, to gain energy by using the human vehicles as generators to siphon energy up to the next level. Those who can generate their own energy? They’re immediately passed the finish line and the game is won for them. This requires adequate knowledge of non-duality and a transcendence of the game parameters that use one for the energy siphoning process through polarization and attachment to the illusory self and world. Thought creates the world, thus, your thoughts create your role. Those who’s thoughts are infiltrated by the parameters which are instilled externally through the control systems methods are part of that controlled world and are, in a way, the control system itself.

The idea is that while some return some are always extending downward into the ‘program’ which is literally the physical Earth environment. So as some ‘come up’ or ‘return’, other aspects are ‘going down’ or ‘departing’ (from the original realm; wholeness) and this process cycles continually. This means either there is no finalization of a ‘mass return’ whereby the whole system is completed or that this completion is equally happening every single moment of the process including right at this moment now. This could also be seen that the mass return would be the ‘end of time’ or the ‘end of days’ where the physical plane is wrapped up (like a dimensional ‘scroll’) and all the perceptual variance of experience projected through the perceptual illusion of the biological consciousness system is nullified as the organism that people use to experience life is fundamentally changed to a new (or old) phase of existence.

The final (or first) view here is that since there is no return, or that the return is happening every single moment, then there is no need to finalize the process. It was already finished before it began and in regards to this, people can do whatever they want as long as they correspond the lower level of the physical plane with the higher levels of the super-consciousness, soul-level and soul-family planes. Thus, if people get their “act” together, they can choose to extend the dimensional parameters of consciousness on the physical plane to literally exist as long as existence itself is a concept projected outward (inward of that original being) by “The One”. People must first align with the original principles that nurture such a field and enable the eternalization of being through extra-dimensional awareness that is contained with the source. The entire physical project is a format for achieving this soul presence on the physical plane but this project was hijacked by a kind of mad scientists who wanted to create mind-energy slaves and skewered the identities of the players turning them into subjects instead of willing participants (as part of the game itself, mixing mind-control and pleasure/leisure through memory wiping and psychotronic and genetic-spiritual warfare). The resolution is to become sufficient in sustaining our own energy after first recognizing the energy game and how the energy of this plane is used to feed those of the higher planes. Thus, we become the soul-receivers of our own energy.

The containment system stops people from degrading into sub-humans by producing an emotional-mental barrier to ‘contain’ their energy, in a way, frequency locking them in ‘the now’. This is naturally degrading however the alternative is an immediate dissolution by loss of memory and anchor to the physical reality as the system splices and fragments uncontrollably in a “partition, fragmentation ‘Armageddon’” of the ‘hard-drive’ that Earth is contained within.

With power, most people degrade. Until they can see themselves and know, this will be destructive and there are plans.

The powerful form is the original of humanity. Therefore the degraded form is most people’s original in the artificial construct having no actual connection to the original realm. The human situation is a test, a project, and a disastrous experiment in chaos where degraded forms were brought into this level with the original.

The people who choose fear and ignorance are giving into the weakest version of themselves. There is a full spectrum of being, of potential and versions of possible realities that everyone contains within them or can access and project outward into the local environment. This is light transference of the DNA or the inner-space (a hyperspace). The only way to strengthen weak people is to expose them to exactly the kind of truth that is horrifying to the ego and the limited imagination. Don’t blame m or the others! Your OWN MENTAL FACULTIES DO THIS TO YOU AND HAVE DONE THIS SINCE YOU WERE BORN, TRAUMATIZING YOU INTO SUBMISSION UNTIL YOU BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY OR WAKE UP. That’s how it works in this construct!

Those who are seemingly “Nice” are actually the abusers trying to keep people in a mind-cage. Those who are seemingly “harsh” are actually the closest thing to “saviors” who are exposing people to the truth in a controlled manner to ensure their continuity of self. AugTellez

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Interesting post, Maxx


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Too many words to get a point across.

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