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The sense of Freedom Empty The sense of Freedom

Post by Lynskha December 6th 2017, 6:01 pm

Nothing gives us a better sensation, than something that set us free.

When looking for answers, we tend to search in different places, getting information from different sources. It is easy to notice that many of them try to get people, and demand them to be , somehow, exclusive. Sometimes forbidding their "members" to get access to other kinds of studies, orders, groups...

Some religions, philosophies, or similar things try to do that. Preaching their truth as the ultimate, and unfortunatly many people just fall in those traps, becoming stagnated.

The advance of Spirituality, for me, depends a lot on how and what you study, learn, practice, and that involves teachings from different things.

Of course I agree that, it is not a good idea to just read from many different sources, and do not put in practice, just accumulating knowledge, and also, the conflicting ideas, could be harmful, instead of helpful.

However, I consider that to be a benefit, when a Path points out this importance of seeking for more. Sometimes we read some things that tend to make us feel interested, that somehow, gives us a direction on what to do next. It is not an easy thing to find out, as it is not clearly stated, making the student responsible for finding his way, relying on his intuition, his internal compass and internal knowledge.

This is what really matters. But, the problem is, sometimes, understanding the direction to be taken.

It takes, time, patience, meditation, and time, and time...

I see that things need to mature, and that they will make sense, many times, not now , but in the future.

We tend to look for things that give us a sense of safety, and that is usually something "ready" like a recipe to be followed. But this gives a false sensation of learning. Being only guided, like a sheep...

And it is quite interesting how we feel lost when we are free, when freedom is offered to us, and we become the builders of our own paths and reality. It is scary sometimes to see you have the whole sky you can fly, but yet, you insist on just crawling.

We need to spread our wings and fly. Explore and learn. We are eternal students, and the only Truth that matters is the one that is inside us all.

Freedom can be felt inside some studies, as it just points out how much we can fly, and empower our own wings.

Always a long Journey, but one that we build as we walk.


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