Opinions on "Transformation"?

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Opinions on "Transformation"? Empty Opinions on "Transformation"?

Post by BennettKimberly 14.04.19 1:16

So, I've been digging around a lot, on the process of Vampiric Transformation. It's a very controversial thing to say the least. There are things, such as using affirmations or subliminals to change your way of thinking and therefor changing your body. I, myself, have had experience with it, using it to straighten my teeth. It worked wonderfully, but I am curious about biokinesis on a different level, such as species transformation. I don't practice in the art of witchcraft or spirituality or religion, but I am open to everyone's perspective. What are your thoughts about it? I'd be interested to hear what you think.

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Opinions on "Transformation"? Empty Re: Opinions on "Transformation"?

Post by A.Nightside 01.10.19 13:26

I don't believe in physical transformation.
I believe in a sort of placebo effect, altering how one sees themself or how others might see them, but actual physical change beyond that which is within the realm of Nature, here on physical Earth, no.

Your avatar triggers me.
I knew a member of the VCN who used that. Turned out to be a registered pedophile breaking his parole or something. My memory may be a bit hazy on the detail. The gist is, unfortunately, because of that avatar, I don't trust you. The rest of your post, could provoke discussion, but I still wonder about you.

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