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Beings of transformation Empty Beings of transformation

Post by Lynskha 19.12.17 14:41

There are some people with a specific vibration that tend to cause major changes in whatever they get in touch with. It is interesting to notive that these changes can occur at any level. It can be a new idea that may appear to someone, a new input of energy to keep doing a job, an inspiration for another thing. Some stagnant things that sudden are put into motion, just because these people were involved somehow.

Thinking in a general way, not a specific "being" we could say that Asetians cause this, according to Aset Ka books. It is said that they are beings of transformation, causing changes and that nobody passes Asetianism without being affected.

I as mentioning it in a "general" idea, because if we get closed to a specific being, then we would get to the Scarab Lineage, right? As their definition goes through the Khepri energy.

However, could we say that Asetians in general also cause this change? As their energy is somehow in a different vibration, it could affect the surroundings.

My thoughts were just about that, about how some people may have this "power" of helping things happen, like driving force, giving impulse to it.

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Beings of transformation Empty Re: Beings of transformation

Post by Charby 19.12.17 15:49

That is possible. Whether it is divine force or not, I don't know. I don't even know that those that can do that do so intentionally. Maybe it is just that they know when they need to be in a certain place or, when they need to interact with a certain person and, in so doing, they affect the changes with no conscious effort.

I think we can all do that to a degree, at least all who use magick. Magick is energy, directed and controlled by the will, shaped and made to cause an effect. Yes there is ritual, preparation, intent and all of that but, remove all that is not the essences of the magick and, you are left with energy driven by will to do something, to make something happen.

So might what you describe be a form of magick or, the result of the very skilled, simply being there and, being charged, ready to bring magick to bear if it is needed?

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