Em Hotep .. My Apology to this Community, and Thanks.

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Em Hotep .. My Apology to this Community, and Thanks. Empty Em Hotep .. My Apology to this Community, and Thanks.

Post by Tehom 17.08.19 0:16

☥ Greetings to All who lurk and make spectacles here still. I am posting this message here to you All as thanks in the greater form of a well-deserved apology to the community as a whole. I have been Here since the time of 2012, that great year of Khepri absolute, felt and embraced beyond my words' fluency. Deciding to remain mostly silent for the young duration of my visit and playing the role of eager spectator, it was a silent curiosity derivative of the arcane and occult of this place and in this Time that I gained subtle insight from your speculative exposition of Asetianism and the concept of Vampirism in it's ancient, ongoing entirety ..

In this Time I was kindled kindly in the early flame of youth, and as youth does I spoke to more than I knew, and did to more than I should. It was not wasted on me only in that it operates in the function of my being humbled, and the lesson of why it is ever-so important to tame the eager academic's thirst with the Ka of respect; Self and those Wiser. For in my speaking with you officially in that year of Two Thousand and Fourteen, in the less-forgiving-Eye was a fool, playing a fool's game. I am fortunate now onwards that You were gentle enough in capacity and practice to not shake me from the prior delusions of my path, all of which now save few are become virulent Ash; winded-away in the face of Her almighty flame which lights the road to this point and those to come, eternal. Grateful I will always Be to You for what I have been guided to by your restraint, just discourse, the fierce defense of undying truth and your continued support for the primeval tradition of experience taking incarnation as the Master.

It is in early-summation and yet in hope ongoing continuity that I warn future readers of my past posts here, those also kindled by Youth can be led far astray by delusions of Ego as I was, and I suffered for in ways that will go intentionally unsaid here. It is my request that many of my old words are --with abided caution-- taken "with a grain of salt" or removed in their entirety, and with the ultimate intention of discerning the message that sleeps beneath the turbulent waters symbolically echoed in the lesser-threads of my original choice of title in this forum, washing ashore oftentimes apparently childlike and wishful terms reflective of understandings I would not come to know for moons past. I could then but quarter-articulate so exponential of concepts that I fear the value of what could have been said whole is lost to Nun without my clearance here. For it was my choice solitary to decide to present myself when knowing that youth can 'bring witless fools a stage'; a slow-realized addendum to my ongoing tale I once-referenced not long ago in consultation with a user here. I did so out of Ego and the sheer disrespect of the act I cannot let go unaccounted for.  The ratio of practically useful information, even that which hides behind shades and shifting forms of contradictory statements, to nonsense driven by a desire to feel knowledgeable amongst the more Experienced is so undesirable that it may be of better conclusion to remove my account and its content here altogether ..

I do not want to Be bipartisan to the death of this community - a barrier beneficial only to diverting true Seekers and Asetianists whom would not have wasted time if not for the child I once was, and in other ways, Always will Be. I ask Her and your forgiveness for any shame I have brought to this Path; and accept what comes of this with open arms.

Thank you all for your time ..

-- "Tehom".

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