A Walking Dead bit a Vampire

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A Walking Dead bit a Vampire Empty A Walking Dead bit a Vampire

Post by Thothmez 17.07.20 17:00

The walking dead is walking and walking in search of food to feed a hungry that never ends.
The walking dead attacks anybody that move or make a noise.
The walking dead will never die because he is already dead.
The walking dead do not have eternal life but only eternal death.

The fight
Once upon time, there was a little vampire that was thirsty, too thirsty and got blinded.
He went outside and found a walking dead, the vampire bit the walking dead and the walking dead bit the vampire.

The transformation
The walking dead was transformed in a vampire, and he was called Yin.
The vampire was transformed in a walking dead, and he was called Yang.

The change
They ended up loving each other, and they dance during day and during night.
Yin kissed Yang and Yang kissed Yin.

They loved each other, they danced in a circular manner for many centuries.
Some say they are still dancing today.

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