How Is your Health? The Fourfold Ritual of Figuring Yourself Out.

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How Is your Health? The Fourfold Ritual of Figuring Yourself Out. Empty How Is your Health? The Fourfold Ritual of Figuring Yourself Out.

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And how has it been relative to the magnitude of your experiences in Asetianism so far?

A Way of determining this that I've devised is to ask the two questions from the perspectives listed.

The Rule is simple: it must be solely from that perspective, and you cannot criticise the same aspect from two different perspectives in one session. Each perspective has its say on another, so each does its task. You are voicing your individual concerns and frustrations to all "Conscious" (Knowingly Experiencing) aspects of Your Self, in a Balanced way. Anything left unsaid by one to another can be said in the next session if it still a relevant issue by the time you have addressed all individual concerns of your Self. All aspects will be addressed by order of relevance to You at that time until each have had their time from top to bottom in dualistic sense-- so, Physical has been the High Dominant (Capstone, highest, closest to Divine) and Spiritual has been Low (bottom, foundational, closest to Ground), and switched, and the same with Emotional to Mental, over the course of your time with this exercise. I take the position that leaving all up to the Mind is illogical and unfair to true Greater progression, and that is the basis for my exercise here presented.

The second question is asked again to all aspects in reverse order, so now all Aspects have gotten comfortable and are Heard, and then the session is completed with meditating on all that has been said in Peace.

It would Ideally be conducted by the Practitioner in the mode of ritual; in this case the spiritual significance of routine and return to centre (as we are), so regular meditative practice beforehand and making use of a specific environment.

Hopefully this leads to an unadulterated, equal Self-assessment and view of one's own actions from the perspective of The Magician, and to the ideal circumstances of one's own Health.


Spiritual Say:
I am discontent with my Mental approach and state, Spiritually, as it impedes my progress and self-growth. And even in my attempts to self-criticise, I fall into a deceptive power-trip of Ego and lead with entire condemnation instead of productive debate with myself, giving rebirth to the cycle. Likely I'll Mentally conclude this to be all my Ego's fault, once again dysregulating structure, and falling into more logical fallacies. Self-demonising for the sake of feeling superior to that aspect of who I am, then wondering why I am that way. It is a vicious trap I am responsible for and want not to be. I should spend more time thinking in productive and harmonious ways that correlate with my attempts at Philosophy than being angry at my lack of it in the real world. Kicking bricks and hammers about with ruminations on "why won't anyone just build a damn house?". Spiritually I am sad for this aspect of Myself, for I know the potential to accomplish so much together.

Mental Say :
I am discontent with my Emotional state, Mentally, because I value logical deduction in a way that cannot allow for its distractions and needed compromise. And in My pursuit of deep Feeling and inner exploration oftentimes I am neglected and put into a space where I am unable to express my thoughts, I am made Silent; to be villainous in the fashion being inherently partial to the cause of negative experience. My ideas that range yonder the realms of Feeling are short-lived, damned iniquitous and ill-spent, by the crusade put against me. Any Desires and conclusions I seek to them are filtered and made "appropriate", I am unallowed to Be as I Am. It is then expected of me to openly validate this other aspect of myself that so willingly cast me aside literal moments before. My modus operandi itself is to call out such foolishness and yet I am made The Happy Fool by doing so. I simply cannot win with my Self. It is stressful and circular in a way I cannot condone. Mentally, I Call to be able to express my aspect in open forms. It is time some compromise is made to this favour, for a change.

Emotional Say:
I am mostly content and glad of my Physical state, Emotionally ... and so on.

Any thoughts, contributions, refinements, challenges to this proposition I will try to see to below. I have my limitations as a practitioner and welcome greater expertise where verifiably available.

I'd also invite other Students to answer the question of the title in what Way they deem fit so as to progress this post beyond its given purpose regardless.

This experiment is intended to be Constructive and Beneficial.

Em Hotep.

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How Is your Health? The Fourfold Ritual of Figuring Yourself Out. Empty Re: How Is your Health? The Fourfold Ritual of Figuring Yourself Out.

Post by Tehom 11.08.20 1:31

In addition ...

Following the meditation, the Practitioner is now made Aware of Which of these four states is their current Ruling Aspect, in unison with How that affects them. Much more importantly, they now (in theory) carry with them an intrinsic and profound comprehension of Why. In this way they are made honest to themselves in regards to how they view not only the intangible construct of their inner reality, but Asetianism as they present themselves to that Path, abiding the philosophy (at least in archetype) found in one rule of law Luis Marques Motioned to us:

Nov 22, 2014
Learn my path to decode my words, not my words to decode my path. ☥

I consider what follows as Loose Thought; it does not offer up equal opportunity to the original post or even this addition, but rather a perusing of ideas that are made complimentary to this layout. There is no hard evidence for the context found herein beyond what Asetianism presents to us. It is also not necessary to the rest of this post.
An addendum: The Pyramid as a Symbol of the Self and Non-traditional hierarchy, with leaps and bounds in logic, postulating etc.

In abstract, and in perhaps unrelated spheres I would use this in conjunction with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, primarily however in that I contend the perceived "Hierarchy" fluctuates based on the "position" of the Individual relative to the movements of these four Aspects, similar to Kabbalah, and that it is not the Hierarchy which acts as a constant, but the Higher Self. Also in that the 2D perspective of Hierarchical formula is short-sighted, and the ideas found within the realms of such diagrams reflect the limits of their conceivable understanding. I will share my Perspective of this situation to make clear the navigation of my argument.

The " Higher Self ", as we Know being Occultists, resides at the top of the Pyramid at all times, an absolute that those uninitiated in Gnosis of Spirit are completely unawares. I put forward that the Hierarchy is a flawed Humanistic Egoconception of how interrelationships function; a school the Asetians are Masters of by their very Nature alone, reflected in the purpose found in each of the energetically irregular Lineages that constitute the Greater Pyramid of the Family. A visual aid to this argument will follow:

A representation of Maslow's Hierarchy, one face. The Rule of Law here states Dominant and Submissive conditions by order of Bottom to Top. It does not question the Self's status beyond the confines of these sites.
How Is your Health? The Fourfold Ritual of Figuring Yourself Out. Maslow-pyramid

Suggested "Hierarchy": Each bottom four "points" of the Pyramid all lead directly to the condition of the "Apex" (the Capstone), the Faces can be seen as the Current State of Being resulting from those two Aspects and their polar opposites. An Asetianist perspective might be The Way in which Viperines effect and compliment Scorpions , Scarabs to Viperines , Scorpions to Scarabs. All of these relationships are deeply intimate, Unique and complex beyond the orders of linear thinking, and like the states of Self can lead to personal understandings of those Conditions not shared by combinations found in other Aspects, while all being intrinsically connected. It is only through Focus of the Apex by route of addressing these "faces" in their respective conditions that true Harmony is achieved. Just as Aset loves her Children in ways that are unseen, unheard, and unspoken . . .
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