Vampires and Vampirism: Myth or Reality?

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Vampires and Vampirism: Myth or Reality? Empty Vampires and Vampirism: Myth or Reality?

Post by Félix79 21.01.21 11:45

First of all, I am new to this community and this is my first topic. I hope to learn and meet new subjects!

I have a concrete doubt about the existence, the most basic of them, but with a touch of mythology and perspicacity. "Vampires and Vampirism: Myth or Reality?"
Myth is a story that narrates and explains, imaginatively added to reality, the source of knowledge and the meaning for both history and life!
Second, I recall the mixture of imagination and realism (not that realism I am familiar with and have studied for years), the meaning of imagination to reality and the extent to which reality is pure imagination. Let's go back to the subject, even though it is a myth that contains the explanation of the real but if they are real they have a point of imagination, perhaps human, perhaps supernatural, ask for another topic.
Objective: Is it myth containing reality? Or is it real showing the creative imagination?

There can be no short answer at all with full meaning. There will also be no question with a value judgment of incompetence.
I don't say anything, I just think.


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Vampires and Vampirism: Myth or Reality? Empty Re: Vampires and Vampirism: Myth or Reality?

Post by Ramla-Meryt 21.01.21 18:04

As they are depicted in Hollywood? Myth. As a condition of the soul rooted in a heightened subtle system, potential for magick and with reincarnation or the potential for at the core? Far more rooted in reality.

A good book to begin with in terms of the distinction is the Asetian Bible by Luis Marques.

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