awareness of mental states in the online community and feeding

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awareness of mental states in the online community and feeding Empty awareness of mental states in the online community and feeding

Post by 8lou1 02.03.21 5:32

after being online for more then a decade now and having visited a diversity of , in one way or the other, occult sites, ive noticed the need for personal awareness of where ones mind connects with the world.

most people probably know one's surrounding is of influence, but how does that work online? of course one can't suddenly demand a siteowner to put up safety egregores for ones needs, but ive noticed a lot of witchcraft groups on discord do, also for their own fun and schooling.

now because this is a forum it already is in the open. think about the word and let it visualize in your mind. its not a secluded space. discordrooms by defenition of the word create rooms. again let the word visualize in your mind.

so now you know what you are looking at when reading on this site.

the next step is your connection to the forum. what do you use in daily life? a phone, a pc, a laptop, a tablet? each of them create a different state of subconscious being.

a phone makes your world very small and very often homy. you know when you are reading nicely tucked under your blanket just before you go to bed. or safely home on your couch with your tablet or laptop. a pc is very often in its own room, but always on its own table and might create a more working feel or when one is a gamer a gamy feel. a tablet might even create the subconscious idea of being able to touch to move.

since this is an open forum every one can get in. like we all can go to towns square. we wouldnt like everyone, but still everyone can come. it's a shared space. now just like in real life we carry our own luggage and knowledge. remember the tool you are using? right now im using my phone. so i notice my homy feelings and i visualize my place in combination with the forum. now i can find my home in the picture.

for some it works to make sure to just close the doors of ones home to keep out the beings one didnt like on the forumplace. for others it might be needed to see in what state that home is and change it to ones likings.

when one is satisfied with the visual and feels safe one can start to think about dinner. is there a need to shop or is everything already at home and do you need someone to cook it for you or can one cook.

i for myself like cooking for others and got the luck to be born with that spiritual gift. i even got an upgrade of which im told im ready to use it.

so if anyones hungry im making a morroccan pastry dish called bestilla. its sweet and savory and very festive. even the baron approves (yes that purple guy from way back) now in order to find my home, by ways mentioned above, one just needs to interconnect one's own ideas about me with the created picture in one's mind.

good luck!


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