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healing with music Empty healing with music

Post by 8lou1 28.06.21 3:44

when i started out, my awakening was very rough and harsh. i took a reiki course and started doing energywork on myself. due to a strict past i actually feared joy. then i met someone who introduced me to the occult and used some silly oldschool '80ies hardrock songs. at first the music scared the crap out of me, but i learned music is life and i learned to dance....

for me listening to certain music, especially where islam and the western world combine (like this one above), can bring me in trance states and then when i notice my chakras aligning use reiki an a higher level.
what ive noticed overal is when you use reiki in combi with psychic vampirsm, it heals ones surroundings and helps people align with healing themselves and their surrounding at the same time.

this is probably what the old ones did with drumming sessions etc. but since i didnt have any connection to such ways i reinvented it myself and this came out.

maybe others have some input on other ways of healing in combination with vampirism. id really love some new views and ideas. so lets discuss.


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