no clue were to put this, guidance needed!

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no clue were to put this, guidance needed! Empty no clue were to put this, guidance needed!

Post by 8lou1 28.06.21 5:13

after years of being a sponge and healing from that, i am finally finding something i have no clue of how to understand this properly and by that cannot heal myself.

the case:i unravelled the sponge and found myself. i gained an interest in vampirism and worked on understanding my place in it by contacting several groups. at the same time i got tagged with something stupid wich led to a certain form of attachment to aset ka info. this irritated and still irritates me sometimes, due to incorrect use of attracting followers.

i have had this with research in islam too, but in this case isnt the point.

i finally had this resolved and then a friend of mine, who has delved deep into healing and reikiforms, pops up telling me she is a reincarnation of aset. normally i have no problem with people claiming such things. to each their own, but this time due to others fastening me in places i should not be, i get a huge error and everything aset ka related gets stupid.

now i dont mind playing the fool, but when you lable me, dont come complaining i talk to much from my point of view, because thats exactly what you asked for.


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