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In need of some thoughts Empty In need of some thoughts

Post by KlikKlak 21.12.21 16:19

I started my journey less then a year ago and stumbled over some things i am not sure about or confused.
I want you to give me some thoughts about the following:

1.  This is something that confuses me from time to time. And i am not sure, if this is just imagination or if it really happens. I can.. i will name it 'see'... entitys not visual for the nacked eye. I also can communicate with them if they wish it too. To the point i discovered this ... ability... i was a really rational thinking beeing and i really doubt this in the beginning. But the information they provided me from time to time, were all accurate in some degree.
I need to say, that it's not 'seeing' like seeing with eyes, it's more like feeling it in some room in my head. I have the theory, that i catch energysignaturs and giving it a form in my head. I also read, that normally, when a person seeks to see or communicate with entitys, they meditate or go in trance. But i do not. Or maybe i do, but not knowingly. Maybe someone can give some advice or sources where i can find similar information. Thanks in advance Smile

2. The second topic is about spellcasting. I did not practise it yet but do i really need to use 1 to 1 the words they use in books, to get happen what i want or specifically they claim ( in the book) to be happen? Or can i just use my own words with similar or better 'vibes'? I read about the law of attraction and that you can attract things with your own words. It's on a similar base, isn't it? I know that i would need to be cautious with what i say in my spells.
(Sorry if this questions are not in the right forum Smile )

3. My last question is about energy draining. Is it possible to drain energy from subjects far away? The drainer has no connection to the drained. (They are not friends/ enemys and they barely see each other) And if so, is it even possible to do it without the intention to drain this specific person or group?

Shall your words guide my to new knowledge. Thank you for reading my approval.


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