forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten

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forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten Empty forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten

Post by TrillaCruile 25.01.23 20:16

The website of the Aset Ka provides a solid foundation for a first step into Asetianism and Vampirism, for those looking to enter such studies. One is expected to do their own research and a Google search should give you the official website of the Order, but it is provided below for ease of access.

At the Official Aset Ka Website, you will find links to a variety of information, the same links provided below:

The Asetian Manifesto

Remark to the Public

Books (officially published by the Aset Ka)

The Order





& a link to the only other official publically accessible website published by the Order of Aset Ka as of today— the website of the Tradition of the Primordial Dragon

As always. One should consider the disclaimer provided by Luis Marques in all of his Public works.

L.M. wrote:
“Asetians are by no means beings of goodness and kindness. They usually are not social, do not have any inborn friendliness over mankind and are, in fact, not very kind to people. Their spirituality is built upon predatory occultism, dark arts and secrets long forgotten to mankind. However, this does not mean that an Asetian mind is something you should fearfully run away from. It is a society that defends evolution, self-development, fights stagnation and weakness. They, above all, defend knowledge, loyalty and valor.

But, is it dangerous to study Asetian knowledge?
For the ignorant-minded, the immature beings, the obsessive, the compulsive, paranoid or ego-centered; for the weak, the numb and the slow; for those who do not question themselves over and over for the mystical facts in life and in their own past; for those who believe in religion out of everything that is pushed down their throats; for the disrespectful and arrogant towards everything that they do not know and fear; for all these people, yes, the Asetian spirituality was and will always be, a very dangerous subject to study or get involved with.

At last, the point is, no Asetian will be held responsible for what use is made with the information provided within their own works, texts and practices.

This book was designed for Asetians. Those who are not one are welcome to read, meditate and question about this work. Just keep an open and sharp mind.

Welcome to our world…”


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