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Public yet invisible secrets Empty Public yet invisible secrets

Post by Viktor 26.02.23 12:20

We guys all know that in the occult there are secrets, that is, some powers kept by individuals that are secret as to not hurt other people or to prevent non knowelable people misuse such powers to hurt others or their own life.
This thread is inspired due to my short conversation with @Jonathan in one other thread where he positively confirmed the same.

Now I'm going to tell you one such secret...

There are some very powerful secrets that are neglected by the public due public not understanding the essence and considering certain stuff to be superstition.

In philosophical world, this so called stupidity of the public is categorized as having knowledge of the exoteric but lacking understanding of esoteric.

Take for example a government of some country, what the government says to the public is exoteric or public knowledge, and stuff that it does not say is esoteric or confidential to the government, classified and not intended to the public, such as governmental secrets or password of a nuke launcher.

Also for example two presidents have a talk in private, but public won't hear what they talked about right? usually the press will say they talked about this or that, but their actual conversation is strictly private.
What the press said is exoteric, however the actual conversation of presidents is esoteric.

Understanding the difference between esoteric and exoteric is important to continue,
there is esoteric knowledge, that is secrets, which the public has got their hands on, however over time from generations to generations these secrets vanished, and people today consider it to be superstition but there are few families who pass the secret to younger generations up until today and are using it for their own gain.

The magic word is "fašnik", pronounced as "fascnik" in English where the "sc" or "š" sounds as in word "fascist"
The word fašnik is an old slavic word that is today close to archaism, it means carnival which is an event that precedes Christian Easter.

Here is the etimology of the word fašnik from Croatian language portal:

You will notice under the section "Definicija" there is says: "2. izabrani »princ karnevala«" which translates to "Chosen 'the prince of carnival'"

Since I perfectly understand the language including archaic words I confirm that "fašnik" is a karneval like said in language portal, but also it has one other not so well understood meaning, it specifically means a person who is tied up and burned alive on stake and a bunch of people dancing around him wearing masks.
Take a moment and imagine this scenario, people wearing masks are masquerade performers while the person burning is the "prince of carnival", that is, the one being mocked with masks.
That's the true meaning of "fašnik"

What's the point of the carnival, that is people wearing masks while mocking the person while it burns?
The point is that this person won't know who is mocking them which is an impression that there is no one known to address directly who might be able to help, which makes the agony also have a strong psychological effect not just feeling your flesh burn, also masks might be scary or associative which further inflicts psychological pain.
The whole goal is maximum pain inflicted upon the prince of carnival, both physical and psychological.

Put your self into that position and imagine not being able to address anyone directly due to masks.
First question you ask is, where are my best friends who may save me? well you don't know due to masks right? in fact everybody is against you as one and there is no one to help while you suffer.

So much about the meaning of carnival.
And just in case you don't believe any of this, here is a cartoon from national newspapers talking about "fašnik" and depicting it:

One wise old man who passed away told me that carnival is a mockery of Jesus, because while Jesus was suffering on the cross a bunch of Jews and soldiers were mocking him.
Now you may ask, but what this has to do with carnival described? people wearing masks and dancing around tied up person burning on the stake?

Well that is something for you to answer, I'm just going to give you a few hints: "witchcraft" and "church"

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Public yet invisible secrets Empty Re: Public yet invisible secrets

Post by Morell 27.02.23 0:46

I wonder where this baking carnival tradition originates from.

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Public yet invisible secrets Empty Re: Public yet invisible secrets

Post by 8lou1 03.03.23 1:31

im not roman catholic, but if i remember well carne dall-e is a party 40 days before easter. sort of the last supper before we start fasting. in islam we have also such a thing, but i know it because on those days we do witchcraft.

i once went to a carnaval fest in belgium and i have to say, not many still know the old fun ways, but we got to see all shops while tripping up and traffic was relayed by it. so the few days prince carnaval had the power it was actually a cool fun ride with profits.

the story you propose and ask where it originates, well im calvinist in that sense and i think historically we should look at the hanze cities, but in todays age i have to say i found a so called occult picture stating your story in pics as a path taken by crowly and lilith and coke. this is presented as 1 pillar and the other pillar is the egyptians with weed and no vampire reference. it seems that the 'its all your fault' mockery can be very heavy duty and people start using medicine to overcome/accept that fact.

i remember one warlord online, i asked him to be the bigger bully in exchange for help in a queste he put himself online. something about sharing love and how to teach that in a universal sense with a partner.
it is becoming a game of snakes and ladders.

not sure yet what this has to to with your question, but one needs several stakes to build a ladder, so show me..

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Public yet invisible secrets Empty Re: Public yet invisible secrets

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