Embodying Love, breaking the veils

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Embodying Love, breaking the veils Empty Embodying Love, breaking the veils

Post by ecstaticbeauty 01.07.23 12:11

Something I've been contemplating recently is the thought, why is it that those who are a part of the same soul family often don't even recognize each other? Why do they still maintain and act on the illusions of self vs other or feel the need to protect or distance themselves? What are we trying to protect ourselves from?

Rather than take the easy route and judge, I'm holding compassion for all the lifetimes of trauma that have made us fall into separation and forget our most essential nature.

Embracing non-duality as one of an uncommon type of soul nature can be tricky. We can look at ordinary humans and say – well it's easy for them to see themselves as “one” with each other, they haven't yet undergone the vast and sometimes treacherous journey of individuation that brings darkness, death, and vast depths of differentiation that often cannot be bridged or understood by those who haven't themselves gone through the process. I personally saw this notion of experiencing unity with other humans as something saccharine and contrived.

And yet regardless of who or what we are, in this realm or in others, I believe there comes a time in every soul's evolution where they come to fathom how limited they are as individuals – and that there is only deeper purpose as part of a vaster whole. We may give this whole different names or relate to it differently; what's important is not the labels or ideologies may we ascribe to it, but residing in that place of expansion and fearlessness and communion.

My wish is that we can learn to put aside the masks of ego that keep us trapped in our individuality, and be here for each other in ways that are genuine, brave, and true. We can cultivate ourselves spiritually, magical and intellectually to a great and meaningful extent – but I believe that the most significant act toward awakening and reclaiming our power is embodying ourselves as beings of pure and invincible Love.

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