Who helped give Set the idea for his actions against Wasir?

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Who helped give Set the idea for his actions against Wasir? Empty Who helped give Set the idea for his actions against Wasir?

Post by Waterlily 08.08.23 21:20

This question makes me look different at what is written down in history. Two sides Aset Ka versus Sethian against each other would end in the destruction of Kemet. Then both sides would take enough losses that another unknown side would come to power. Both sides knew how to make it take a very long time for souls to reincarnate when the soul or light body was damaged. This unknown side would still be in power in this current time. What if the full story goes deeper. What if it all has to do with the true name of Ra? Who was Ra before he changed his name to Ra? This is not the name he was born with.
I have a feeling this story goes deeper and we have not been looking at the true enemy just the one that was shown to us as a diversion. Kemet has been gone for a long time. Many are waking up to come into their full power.
Why dragons as the next magick to learn?
Ra is connected to dragons from his birth name. Look deeper.
Not all the ancient Egyptian gods were to be trusted. There is one that is still in power under a different name to this day. Just what if Set was used to divert everyone from this other god’s desire to be in power.
Your soul knows the truth. I wish for you to find it. I wish for you to remember who you truly are.

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Who helped give Set the idea for his actions against Wasir? Empty Re: Who helped give Set the idea for his actions against Wasir?

Post by AlifBalaamYashin 17.08.23 17:27

In the shadowed annals of antiquity emerges the primordial embodiment of obscurity: Set, the ancient Egyptian deity, whose enigmatic lineage stretches back to epochs predating the dawn of dynasties. Ephemeral relics bear witness to Set's visage, the earliest etchings believed to have materialized around 5000 BCE, an era entwined with the stars' silent dance.

Set, the progenitor of the moniker "cutter" or "Isolator," emerges as the paragon of an arcane rite—the metamorphosis of the self through the shrouded veils of initiation. Set embodies the very essence of this shadowed transformation, an entity intertwined with isolation, an uncanny emblem of becoming. His countenance, as depicted, conceals a labyrinthine complexity—a cipher for chaos and tempestuous desolation, yet bearing the mantle of essential storms and the crucible of conflict.

Set went through periods of immense popularity alternating with total denunciation. Set in the predynastic and archaic periods was an essentially positive deity introduced from the east as a god of the “extension” of “existence“. He is therefore god of “expanding” borders and radical changes of being.

During the Middle Kingdom, Set's significance diminished, reducing him to a symbol of Upper Egypt, visible only during the Setian "heb‑sed" festival. It was in this era that Set was implicated in the murder of Osiris, a Semitic corn deity who entered Egyptian lore during the 3rd dynasty. Set's transformation from a positive force to a suspected malefactor mirrors the intricate twists of ancient myth, underscoring the capricious nature of divine narratives.

With the coming of the 22nd dynasty, Egypt entered it’s long decline. Set became a tremendously unpopular deity. His worship ceased everywhere except the oases and the city of Thebes, where his cult was absorbed into the cult of Montu, the warlord of Thebes.

As the mantle of Christianity enveloped Egypt as the state religion, the disdain for individualism resurfaced. The Coptic fathers, custodians of this new faith, fused Set's essence with that of Satan, perpetuating a legacy of demonization. Within the realm of Egyptian magic, Set's prominence dwindled, his once-significant figure nearly vanishing from the mystical tapestry of belief. The winds of change, guided by theocratic shifts, further obscured the enigmatic presence of Set.

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