"You should just Be Real."

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"You should just Be Real." Empty "You should just Be Real."

Post by Tehom 30.08.23 6:35

The Way in which we are; the core, at times obscured by ignorance but universal.

For different people, different subjects are important, but nothing is more important or feared than the self, and I've learned there truly is nothing people collectively fear more than other people. If a person differs from a norm, they're at the very least recognized as "being abnormal", and that in itself implies something consciously decided, deliberate, calculated -- the prime "meanings" to thought that most people cannot envision a person engaging without seeking some form of gain; progress, evolution, growth, or simply attention.

"Strange people" are those who come into this world not as a by-product of these systems but as the unifying force behind them, often unintentionally -- there is no "purpose", there is no goal, there is no anything there but themselves, and this is what makes the definition of authenticity to most people -- an almost alien-like quality that cannot accurately be defined by words beyond one's own self-reflection. It is desired publicly like some kind of immortal drink, an elixir that'll solve all the problems and simply make one able to forgive the world's hatred and misunderstanding towards them in an instant.

But this is not what it is, at all.

From the "Strange Person's" point of view, the world is a bizarre place filled with people having all kinds of crises that they're constantly convinced they must also experience or be "lying to themselves", ironically beginning to believe these lies themselves on the stupid basis "we're all the same" or some other non-sequitur. We lose to ignorance. Personally I've always believed, since a one-year-old, that if something is different and curious, despite what any pre-existing system has to say about it, I want to understand it for myself. I want to open myself to the possibility that I am seeing something I have never before seen, or no one else has heard of, and that has probably lead me to being fortunate enough to live during this time period today. Despite what the naysayers constantly belittling the "lowly mundane", and "low class", and "poorly raised" have to say, there has almost never been such a beautifully chaotic, creative and original time than right now, at this very moment. It's absolutely horrible in the most gorgeous sense. The world is filled with artists -- true artists, that have no idea why or even what they're doing as they do other than to nervously speak their soul.

Unfortunately, most cannot see beyond their very own veil of false-superiority; the idea in their mind that they are greater than, or better than, these common denominators. I, proudly, don't believe that and never have. That's what [b]I[/b] stand for and is who I am. It's who I've always been.

The thing about authenticity is that it can be hidden, but never silenced -- in a room of every person on earth, all 8 billion of them, it would exist just the same against their every contest not because anyone is "proudly holding it up" or wielding it like an indomitable weapon, no, but firstly and foremost because it's a simple fact of the Universe. It's the same as the world still being the world despite billions of reckless people living on it. It "just is" because it always was.

Change is a very serious thing and I think something people are far too eager to jump into, not really understanding what it is they're talking about most of the time. Everyone wants to be an evolved and grown-up figure but the question I ask is who do you *really*, truly want to be this for? it is yourself? did you want to be this way, do these things, before anyone introduced these concepts to you or showed you a framework? did you possess that incentive from the get-go? is it truly in your nature to change? or does that just sound appealing to you?

With change we are not just making modifications to our pre-existing selves, but our futures, with our present not as some "tool" but the Life.  I've never liked denigrating the self by separating it into these categories of "past, present and future" -- from my view, there's just Me, and there's always just been who I am. To some that reads as living in the present, or some other raw and spiritual form of understanding, but I don't choose that. I prefer to just say things exactly as I first see them and let myself understand the rest because that's for Me, it's not for you.

Change concerns actually taking the ways in which we manifest ourselves and making deliberate inward choices to alter them against any pre-supposition. It concerns Wisdom. But you will notice the Strange will *never*, and I mean *never* change for anyone but themselves -- certainly not someone they see straight through, or an ignorant. Yes for people very quickly forget that even the deeply spiritually wise too are ignorant and so is everyone in this world, ignorant. Equally ignorant, no, but universally, yes.

Those that fear the Strange secretly want for them to sacrifice the way they view the world in order to become more like them -- their outward hate, I've found, isn't really about envy at all. It's simply anger at something they don't understand, which is a tale as old as time. There will forever be this dance and the new-agers thinking they'll be the ones to change it, to finally show people what they aren't seeing but are so, so convinced they've seen before --- it's a necessity, it seems, for culture itself. True culture.

So ignorance serves some of the most profound purposes, and should never be underestimated. This is what I came into this world Knowing, but found difficult to express. Why? for what reason? how? I don't know, it isn't the point. The point is what happens because of it. That's my worldview that has had some I've met call me their greatest, most honest friend and others the most lost, delusional, idiotic and egotistical and every other name under the star moron they've ever come across. Every last one of them truly believes they've some serious lesson for me to learn I've yet to encounter, failing to realize what's right there -- the reality. This is just who I am. I've lived an intricate, well-travelled life on top of it.  There were many before you, there will be many after you, there are many of you right now, and despite what anyone believes goes on in my Heart I have my own reactions to these things that are best displayed in these words, here. If I personally respect what you say I'll relate to it and take it under consideration.

Most hear that and, again, use a reference as a basis -- they assume you mean that if you "deem something worthy" it'll be taken under your  advisement, when in reality I actually mean if I *find* I respect what you say, I'll find something I relate to inside of it and consider it for myself. Being Honest, and I mean really honest (which is not the same as 'not lying'), means you will surround yourself with pitfalls many will fall into time and time again. They will, as I mentioned in another post, project their ignorance onto you.  It's no wonder most choose to just retreat into total solitude or go and live with the animals, or speak to plants instead. Having to explain what you actually mean to people time and time again is no way to live, at all.

So most make compromises -- they prefer things simple. Eventually, you'll have to bend, "because that's just the way world works", except it isn't to these people. Not by choice, either, it just never has been.

I'm writing this firstly for the other people out there who are this way and do feel this way -- who aren't just deeply confused at what I'm saying or dismiss it all as illogical hogwash and climb back onto their high-horse but totally understand in their own
troubled way, in the right state for it, who are fighting everyday to simply be themselves, and having what that even means to them in particular consistently misunderstood as being another everyday thing entirely. Many will assume you are trying to emulate the only reference they have for "reality" -- but so long as you remain in touch with your Heart, and know that in any room, filled with any grandest Master or the presence of snooty, confused or even violent haters, you remain that person inside "because there's nothing else you could be", then you do in fact Know. But I don't need to tell you that.

Do not get caught up in the endless race of trying to keep up with the ignorance of us all -- it's not worth it, at all, for anything or anyone. And anything worth it doesn't want it to be. Just be yourself. You are [b]not[/b] alone, especially not today.  Love.

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"You should just Be Real." Empty Re: "You should just Be Real."

Post by Thorn L.Black 07.09.23 15:23

I was so immersed in this post.

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