Sharing my personal experience with vampires

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Sharing my personal experience with vampires Empty Sharing my personal experience with vampires

Post by Kherpukos 05.03.24 5:07

This is my very first post but considering the amount of members here with some serious knowledge I wanna share a bit of my personal experience with vampirism

Back in 1993 I was a teenager and I had my first spontaneous astral projection, after that a ceaseless desire to learn as many things as possible erupted on me.

During this time i was randomly getting bits of information about vampirism and how to manipulate energy, mostly from esoteric people, some teachings from books.

In 1994, i've met a group of other so-called occultists and they had a patron called Mawablo, a 1800+ yo true vampire that mostly communicate with them through astral, dream or ouija boards. I got intrigued about the creature and at that time i was kinda skeptical about him. At that time i had dozens of astral projections every night and I was barely sleeping properly.

Well then one day i started see a black dressed faceless creature that appeared during my night projections. I was firm studying gnosis concepts from samael aun weor (i think this is the name)

And one day the creature attacked me, my first reaction was that i was fantasizing but I feel into an infinite loop where i was falling into a deep abyss made of silver light and the creature was waiting to pick me up but with some claws and it always pierced my solar plexus.

After that I started see shadows on the corner of my eye, hear noises from random people mind and even see ufos and other stuff

The group later told me they got a bit of info about mawablo and his origins, he was once a man back in the area of egypt but someone he ascended to a different form. That was told but a voodoo entitiy during a ritual that almost went wrong.

The group had a very deep connection with mawablo but somehow i never got to truly meet it, but I've a second entity called Phillip, a 100yo true vampire less powerful but somehow more arrogant anc chaotic. It taught me some random stuff about.vampiric condition and it gave me my name Kherpukos, which he translate as "the parallel being"

At that time he hinted me about meeting some people but was never a direct order, more like a dejavu. And one of the people i've met had contact with ToV. I tried to be a member but the financial transactions required to join ToV was a bit challenge, I was a 16yo liviing in south america, international transactions at that time were extremely complicated.

Anyways I ended up joining O.T.O. and I.O.T. next year and my magickal journey never stopped

But in 1998 during an O.T.O. ritual I was possessed and we had a very group of experienced people from voodoo experts to freemason and goetia experts.

The being had a strength beyond measure, I was a skinny 17yo and all people were adults 30+ over 6 males and 4 females. they couldnt handle the strength i had during the possession

The creature spoke a strange language, than in perfect old portuguese started tell bits of my previous lives.

After that incident, whatever was that being I still feel a connection, like something i can invite. And no one had any recollection about the creature, it had no name

in 2001 it named itself nexhagus and told me to held its name to not be forgotten and that I should unite my opposites to achieve my goals. And in the back of my mind I always kept vampirism as the greatest form of work.

I since them keep both names Kherpukos and Nexhagus

Does anyone here have any piece of information regarding an ancient vampire named mawablo or some similar experience with such creatures?

And about the name nexhagus ive found some connections to the work or kenneth grant.

Thank you in advice

my journey is 30+ years so this is a very very compacted piece of my personal experience that blends vampirism and magick work


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Sharing my personal experience with vampires Empty Re: Sharing my personal experience with vampires

Post by tutankhamon 05.03.24 13:25

Kherpukos și Nexhagus are Demons.. but about mawablo i don’t have a clue

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