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Hermes and Anubis Empty Hermes and Anubis

Post by Daniel09 26.07.09 22:36

I've been thinking about this for a bit now. While studying some about Hermes, I noticed that in a few pictures of him on Greek-looking pottery and a couple other instances, he had an interesting looking staff. It kinda looked like a wingless ankh with horns, and I wondered if perhaps that is the symbol of Inpu or his followers. The staff changes later on to the current symbol of medicine, but in the older pictures it looks very similar to the wingless ankh with horns, which could represent the jackal head, ears pointing out or in. Then I was doing some more thoughts about it and thought about the symbolic nature of the sigil like that, could apply to the normal Asetian sigil. From the bottom of the ankh to the ring, it could be considered a pathway or a journey through the ring, which is a doorway to the heavens indicated by the divine horns, and could represent the abilities one would have to manipulate energy or traverse dimensions. It made me wonder if perhaps Hermes was a Keeper or even a representation of Inpu.

This is a page I visited before on the wayback machine, because it appears the original site doesn't function anymore. It has a good representation of his staff:

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Hermes and Anubis Empty Re: Hermes and Anubis

Post by Ankhhape 04.08.09 8:12

Though different than the Caduceus (no Serpents) it is relative to it symbolically but not in a medical way, more of an Astrological way.

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